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how to make my own web browser without using any web browser control using asp .net with c#???
Casey Sheridan 31-Mar-13 13:15pm    
Hold on, you want to make a web browser within a webpage?

You don't. ASP.NET is used for writing web SITES not browsers.
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Ritu khatri 31-Mar-13 13:22pm    
why ??? web browser control is also used in asp .net
[no name] 31-Mar-13 14:49pm    
Can you present an example of this?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 31-Mar-13 23:03pm    
Not true.
Dave Kreskowiak 31-Mar-13 23:21pm    
Actually, you can use it, it's just not visible in the web page. It can be used by the server-side code for various things. I posted a link to an example article.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 31-Mar-13 23:51pm    
Well yes, in principle, come to think about... However, it is not related to the question, so your answer is still correct; OP just diverted the topic illogically. And I'm still not convinced that it makes a whole lot of practical sense...
If you want to add the weight of a web server to your own web browser, go right ahead! If you want to use the very control you said you didn't want to use, go right ahead. BTW, you don't ever SEE the WebBroswer control used in an ASP.NET site. For an example on using it, see this[^].

Just don't be surprised if everyone else gives you funny looks when you tell them you're trying to write a browser in ASP.NET.

If you want to write a browser, look at this[^]. You WON'T be writing it in ASP.NET.
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Manfred Rudolf Bihy 31-Mar-13 15:44pm    
Good answer!
ASP.NET is definitely NOT the right environment, but if you meant writing a browser in .NET in general I would say start first by knowing the web standards. is a good place to start to learn the specifications that exist. Learn about compiler design since most web sites are a composite of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other formats that need to be interpreted as fast as you are able to provide. Find lost of friends to help, web browsers have been around for a while and have matured quit a bit since they began. You would be hard pressed to do all this work yourself.
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Manfred Rudolf Bihy 31-Mar-13 15:45pm    
Good points!
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 31-Mar-13 23:05pm    
Yes, good points, a 5.

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