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Good Day Everyone 

i am tracking the users status on the app from the events in app.cs , i use the following tracking like this 


protected override async void OnStart()
   await Task.Run(() => OnlineStatuspdate(1));


protected override async void OnSleep()
                           await Task.Run(() => OnlineStatuspdate(0));


protected override async void OnResume()
       await Task.Run(() => OnlineStatuspdate(1));

after all this the status of some users remain online even though the users closed the app. can one advice on this.


What I have tried:

Checked different methods and they dont work
Updated 16-Oct-22 20:30pm
Member 15627495 16-Oct-22 10:36am    
use a 'timer' , it's coding an "afk" system. ( "away from keyboard" you know )

when the user is using the app, the afk is off ... and when one minute spent without use of the app, afk become ON.

about your code : onstart , and onresume are equals .
Dave Kreskowiak 16-Oct-22 11:36am    
That depends on what you mean by "online" and "offline". Are you talking about using your app? Connected to internet? Connected to WiFi? You're going to have to be a lot more specific if you want an answer to this.
Vimalsoft(Pty) Ltd 16-Oct-22 12:15pm    
That is correct , if the user is connected to the internet or closed the app the app is not closed just minimized.
Dave Kreskowiak 16-Oct-22 17:06pm    
You might make something work with the NetworkChange Class (System.Net.NetworkInformation)[^]
[no name] 16-Oct-22 12:21pm    
"OnSleep" is not the same as a "shutdown" event ... for which there is none.

1 solution

You need to go through the followings:
The Connectivity class lets you monitor for changes in the device's network conditions, check the current network access, and how it is currently connected: Xamarin.Essentials: Connectivity - Xamarin | Microsoft Learn[^]

High level steps from it:
1. Provide AccessNetworkState permission
2. Add a reference to Xamarin.Essentials in your class
3. With above, you can check network access as:
var current = Connectivity.NetworkAccess;

if (current == NetworkAccess.Internet)
    // Connection to internet is available

You can also setup for any connectivety change trigger as:
public class ConnectivityTest
    public ConnectivityTest()
        // Register for connectivity changes, be sure to unsubscribe when finished
        Connectivity.ConnectivityChanged += Connectivity_ConnectivityChanged;

    void Connectivity_ConnectivityChanged(object sender, ConnectivityChangedEventArgs e)
        var access = e.NetworkAccess;
        var profiles = e.ConnectionProfiles;

More details on how to use Xamarin.Essentials: Easily Check Mobile Device Connectivity with Xamarin.Essentials - Xamarin Blog[^]
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