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I am trying to implement a simple order management app with Core Blazor Server. I am using SQL Server. The main entities are order, order detail, vendor, and customer. I have implemented listing, adding, and updating for vendors and customers.

The tricky part is listing, adding, and updating the order/order details. One of the requirements is to upload data with excel. This excel file consists of orders and details and I want to give another option to the user to insert data from the razor page other than uploading the excel file.

Searching for free Blazor libraries which include master-detail grids having update, and insert features. I couldn't find a solution that would meet the requirements. Hope you can help me.

Something like this in Blazor can solve my problems;


Here are draft order and order detail entities

int OrderId,
int OrderNumber - autoincrement from 1,
DateTime OrderDate,
string DoneBy,
string Status,
string CustomerName,
string VendorName,
List OrderDetails


int OrderDetailId,
int ProductNumber - autoincrement from 1,
string ProductCode,
string ProductName,
int BuyQuantity,
int SellQuantity,
double CostRatio,
double UnitCost,
double TotalBuyPrice,
double TotalSellPrice,
string ShippingNumber,
string Status,
string TrackingNumber,
int OrderId,

What I have tried:

Didn't figure out how to implement master-detail page on Blazor
Updated 14-Jul-22 19:18pm
Graeme_Grant 12-Jul-22 4:56am    
Think data-centric. The Data in the grid/list displayed is from the data. When you select an item, you get the reference to the data item and pass to the details code.
AstroTheDog 12-Jul-22 5:26am    
I could not create master detail view with multiple rows editing in the Blazor as in the example. Is there any tutorial out there to follow?
Graeme_Grant 14-Jul-22 19:12pm    
You have to code it manually.. but ... something new is coming from Microsoft. See below...

This is coming ... you can try it now: QuickGrid for Blazor - Introduction[^]

It is built by Microsoft and will be an official component. You can try it now.


This is a replacement Grid that does the Grid part as expected. The website shows you how to work with the data: QuickGrid for Blazor - Data sources[^] and how to work with Actions buttons like "Edit" & "Delete": QuickGrid for Blazor - Columns[^].

You will not find an exact solution for free unless you look at commercial solutions for a fee. Even then, each works a little differently to what you want.
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Does it have edit, insert new records? I don't think so.
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Graeme_Grant 15-Jul-22 1:57am    
This is not a solution. Please delete and hit the "Have a Question or Comment?" button.

PS: Please keep it polite.

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