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I have come across a reverse coded procedure call in C++. I have never seen anything like it. A short time ago an engineer from asia mentioned to me that we should reverse code. Otherwise you run into problems. Most asian Renesas MCU examples I have also seen are coded in reverse. There are no books about this subject matter. I also could not find anything on google. The man from asia mentioned to me that my algorithms and data structures professor should have demonstrated reverse coding. My indirect feedback on that was that he would not do so.

What I have tried:

So far I have only searched for information on this subject matter.
Updated 1-May-21 19:10pm
OriginalGriff 1-May-21 12:02pm
Are you talking about "reverse engineering" code?
If not, you are going to have to explain a load better than that.
peterbuss 1-May-21 14:01pm
No this is not about reverse engineering
Richard MacCutchan 1-May-21 12:03pm
"a reverse coded procedure call"
Never heard of such a thing. Please explain.
k5054 1-May-21 12:06pm
Or better yet, give a (short!) example.
peterbuss 1-May-21 14:02pm
Sorry but I have no examples at hand
Aghast (nj) 1-May-21 16:40pm
;"!dlrow ,olleH" >> touc
Patrice T 1-May-21 12:14pm
"reverse coded procedure"
Never heard of it.
Dave Kreskowiak 1-May-21 12:51pm
"I have come across a reverse coded procedure call in C++."

Never heard of it. You're going to have to provide a link to what you found or an example of what you're talking about.
Gerry Schmitz 1-May-21 13:08pm
What the man "from" was saying (as far as the rest of the world is concerned): don't code something yourself if you can reverse engineer someone else's code.
k5054 1-May-21 13:10pm
Perhaps this is a translation issue from OP or Consultants native language. Maybe a callback function is what the OP is after:
Greg Utas 1-May-21 13:52pm
Are you talking about recursion (a function that calls itself)? That can certainly simplify some code, although you have to be careful not to cause a stack overflow.
peterbuss 1-May-21 14:00pm
No this is not about recursion
OriginalGriff 1-May-21 14:29pm
Then you really are going to have to explain in a lot more detail exactly what it is - because if we don't understand you, we can't help you!
Greg Utas 3-May-21 14:38pm
This whole thing is so silly, you have to wonder if it's a put-on. :)
Rick York 1-May-21 14:36pm
I NEVER code in reverse. EVER! I also have very, very few problems. I don't buy a word you have written and your Asian associate is all wet. Don't believe a word from them. If this subject is so vitally important why are there no books on it and no mention at google? Simple answer : it is of no importance what so ever.
BillWoodruff 1-May-21 20:37pm
Sorry, we're not here to play the game of trying to guess what you mean, and, you respond by saying: "not that."
Member 13566383 2-May-21 1:44am
You wrote:
I have come across a reverse coded procedure call in C++.

But you have no example at hand? How's that?
peterbuss 2-May-21 2:03am
This was seen at an employer. The man from asia reminded me of that only. I don't have that code example.
Richard MacCutchan 2-May-21 3:19am
But you still have not explained what "the man from Asia" was talking about.

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