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While creating apps in vs 12 for windows store,as i click on simple or grid or any kind of app as my new project to start work here it gives me a window to register windows developer license as i login with my credentials there it occures an error like following :

"We couldn't get your developer license for Windows 8. (Error 0xC03F1014)"

error 0xC03F1014

Please help me to overcome this issue.

I am using VS 2012 express for windows 8 pro.

Looking forward to hear from all of you soon.


If you have activated copy of Windows 8 cracked or activated illegitimately then you'll get this error. to resolve-
We couldn't get your developer license for Windows 8" Error 0xC03F1014[^]
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nehas1jan 15-Jan-13 8:08am    

Thx for your kind reply,

currently i am working here with three pc users
1.Local user
2.Administrator msn id user as my pc

when i type the show-WindowsDeveloperLicenseRegistration thorugh Powershell it occurs the same error.
Abhishek Pant 15-Jan-13 8:18am    
Install a fresh copy of VS 2012, I hope it will solve your issue
nehas1jan 15-Jan-13 8:19am    
Ok abhishek,

i am going to follow your suggestion.

nehas1jan 15-Jan-13 8:25am    
please tell me is there nay issue related to user previlages
i need ot do fresh installation form amdinistrator accoount?
Abhishek Pant 15-Jan-13 8:26am    
Yes, install it as administrator.
If your copy of Windows 8 is cracked or activated illegitimately then you'll get this error.

If for whatever reason you don't want to / can't get a legitimate copy, then deactivating the crack to go back to the trial period, acquiring the license then re-activating it should fix this issue.

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nehas1jan 15-Jan-13 7:41am    

Thnaks for your kind reply,

Please tell me how i can resolve it??

I am not getting what do you mean?
Vyacheslav Voronenko 15-Jan-13 7:47am    
Is your Windows 8 release candidate, or last available one?
Was it legally activated, or some sort of activation cheating was used?
nehas1jan 15-Jan-13 7:48am    
No sir,

A paid for this and i purchased this from one of my vendor.
Vyacheslav Voronenko 15-Jan-13 7:51am    
Unless noone else provide you a clue,

I would try following steps:

1. create another temporary user account on your windows 8.
Install a fresh copy o VS 2012 (or reinstall existing one)
Try to do the same steps, hopefully it will fix the issue on your PC.
nehas1jan 15-Jan-13 7:52am    
if i re-install or install anew vs2012 it ll take time

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