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Is there an easier way of doing any of this code? I would also like to make the font bold, and make firstname be a seperate colour from the rest of the text.

The code is displaying form data to the user - thanking them for checking in.

Also, is there anyway for me to use CSS to help with the font & text alignment properties?

function results() {

    var firstname = document.getElementById("firstname").value;
    var lastname = document.getElementById("lastname").value;
    var location = document.getElementById("location").value;
    document.getElementById('my-form').innerHTML = " Thank you "+ firstname +" for checking in.";
    document.getElementById('my-form').style.fontFamily = 'Manrope', sans-serif;
    document.getElementById('my-form').style.color = 'white'

    return false;

What I have tried:

Looking for cleaner & more code friendly options.
Richard Deeming 30-Apr-20 13:00pm
NB: You need to HTML-encode the user input before appending it to the document. Currently, if the user enters a firstname of:
Robert <script>alert('Boom!');</script>

you page will display an alert message.

The simplest option would be to use the innerText[^] property instead of the innerHTML property.
thecoziest 30-Apr-20 13:22pm
How would I go about changing the colour & aligning innerText?
raddevus 30-Apr-20 13:33pm
create a specific span or div element with an id="yourId", then use query selector to select the item and add the style to the specific item.
Also, modern element selector is document.querySelector("#yourId") for single and document.querySelectorAll(".classItem") -- returns collection of elements (id selector can be used with querySelectorAll() also.
[no name] 29-May-20 12:50pm
You can text align with CSS like this:
You can change center to left or right if you want.

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