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Hi all

I am asking for some recommendations of a reliable open source build tool that I can deploy on my local machine. Hopefully one that integrates well with eclipse.


Please note that I am refining my previous question about. What I am really looking for is asking for some recommendations of a reliable open source continuous integration tool that I can deploy on my local machine
Updated 3-Jan-13 6:41am
Why? Java itself is a build tool, isn't it? :-)
And, well, nearly anything integrates with Eclipse, it's a matter of work you want to invest. With Java, everything is already done, it looks like... :-)
OK, I see the edited question. What is "continues" integration? Does it have to be multi-platform? What are the platforms, anyway? Some basic requirements?

1 solution

Please see my comments to the answer. OK, let me give you some detail. When I say about Java itself as a build tool, I mean that a Java compiler (source code to byte code) always comes with Java software. Please see:[^],[^].

See also:[^].

What is "Java software" itself needs some explanation. Java is understood as the Java Virtual Machine, language, API, SDK — all under the same name:[^],[^],[^],[^].

So, there is no such problem as the selection of the build software. As to some IDE, it can be different. When I started to lean some Java, I worked without IDE at all, and later wrote my own IDE, advanced enough. The most usual choice is NetBeans and Eclipse:[^],[^],[^],[^].

Starting up with Eclipse in general case is some hassle, but in case of Java, everything is already packaged for you:[^].

Good luck,
JoeCode_ 3-Jan-13 11:42am
hi thank you for the details response. I realised that my question was worded incorrectly. I have updated the question

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