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I have a program in to create and automate a Word document.

I am adding a command button to the document, and giving it parameters:

'************ CommandButton 1
			Dim shp As Word.InlineShape
			Dim sPrinter As String = z.Printer
			Dim wdShapeRight As String = ""
			Dim wdRelativeHorizontalPositionMargin As String = ""
			shp = oMainDoc.Content.InlineShapes.AddOLEControl(ClassType:="Forms.CommandButton.1")
			shp.OLEFormat.Object.AutoSize = False
			shp.OLEFormat.Object.WordWrap = True
			shp.OLEFormat.Object.Caption = sPrinter
			Dim tShp As word.Shape
			Dim tTest As Integer =0
			tShp = shp.ConvertToShape()
			tShp.OLEFormat.Object.Name = "ATPbutton1"
			tshp.OLEFormat.Object.wordwrap = True
			tshp.OLEFormat.Object.Caption = sPrinter
			tShp.OLEFormat.Object.Font.Name = "Times New Roman"
			tShp.OLEFormat.Object.Font.Size = 10
			tShp.OLEFormat.Object.BackColor = WdColor.wdColorPaleBlue
			tShp.OLEFormat.Object.AutoSize = False
			Dim dWidth As Integer = oMainDoc.ActiveWindow.Document.PageSetup.PageWidth
			Dim dRMargin As Integer = oMainDoc.ActiveWindow.Document.PageSetup.RightMargin
			tShp.OLEFormat.Object.Width = len(sPrinter)+100
			Dim cWidth As Integer = tshp.OLEFormat.Object.Width
			Dim cLeft As Integer = dWidth - dRMargin - cWidth
			tShp.OLEFormat.Object.Left = cLeft
			tShp.OLEFormat.Object.Top = 80
			tShp.OLEFormat.Object.Height = 30

When I run the program in SharpDevelop, it runs just fine.

However, when I compile and run this program, the program crashes. The line that is crashing the program is:

Dim shp As Word.InlineShape

Any ideas?
Casey Sheridan 3-Jul-12 7:41am    
I'm not sure how to answer your question but I would suggest that you take the first part of you question out of the "code" brackets.

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