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Hi, i am having a problem trying to migrate a dll from MFC to plain Win32, i am stuck in a part that creates a window, i can create the window but i need WndProc method to be called in the mainthread because the app(firefox) denies calls to its methods from a thread.

In MFC side worked with the hidden window, but trying to migrate it to win32 is where i don't understand how did it worked, i tried to create a method and put the CreateWindow code there and the end the message loop but it stops there and i need it to exit that method, using that i can send messages to firefox and works because WndProc is in the main thread.

I have already tried creating the window in another thread but then firefox denies calls to its methods because is not the main thread.

How does MFC does this? :(

Updated 9-Jan-12 8:51am
JackDingler 9-Jan-12 17:34pm    
Do you actually need a hidden window?

If you think you need it to pass messages between threads, there are better ways to do this.
manchukuo 9-Jan-12 18:36pm    
well it doesn't matter how to achieve it, i need to call a method in the main thread from a thread so i can call firefox methods, any suggestion that does this is ok, i only tried to do the similar stuff i did in MFC

1 solution

If you really need a window then create the window without WS_VISIBLE window style.

But if it is just a function then create a DLL file and export that function,
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manchukuo 10-Jan-12 11:16am    
well the thread i have is a listener for IPC, that thread has to call somehow the main thread, and yes i did that hidden window already the thing is that because of the message loop it will not continue the execution of the calling method, in MFC when i created the window it manage the message loop without stopping the calling method

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