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iam getting a number (8,888) like this when iam doing type casting with

convert.ToDouble it is throwing expection as input string was not in correct format how can i validate

my number display should be like that only as above
Updated 4-Jan-12 0:46am
Nicholas Butler 4-Jan-12 7:00am    
Convert.ToDouble( string ) just calls Double.Parse. There is also an overload that takes an IFormatProvider.


Remove comma and try on that convert.ToDouble
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Use Parse instead:
string data = "8,000";
double d = double.Parse(data, NumberStyles.AllowThousands);
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Can Try this,

string s = "123,456.78";
        double value;
        bool flag = double.TryParse(s, NumberStyles.Currency, CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.NumberFormat, out value);
        if (flag)
            Console.WriteLine("Entered Amount is :" + value);
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