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I'm developing a web application in VS 2010. My application has more than 180 forms and immense amount of controls on each form. I would like to know , if the application is hosted , will there be any performance issues, delay while loading the forms, or any other issues? please advice and suggestions if any.

Thanks in advance.
Manish.Insan 15-Dec-11 1:22am    
may be there is lot of condition or loops that you have applied on page_load event. condition degrade the performance but no. of pages doesn't matter.

Our application has 400+ forms. Does it means, it is slow or loaded ?

No. The point of fire is your

- Way of coding on page_load and otherevents.
- Ways of using SQL Queries.
- Way of using garbage collector.
- Implementation of memory management

You can follow this perfomance steps to improve it, check here[^]

There are plenty profiler and counters, you can monitor ASP.NET performance.
Monitoring ASP.NET Application Performance[^]
CLR Profiler[^]
System Monitor (PerfMon) with ASP.NET Applications[^]
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SuhasHaridas 15-Dec-11 6:39am    
Thank you koolprasad5003
u can check your page performance by running ur web application in Firefox, there u have firebug, when u go to the net tab, it give u the time taken to load page. Also in chrome u can. U can even try sites like Pagespeed or Yslow which give u page performance & the suggestions also.
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