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How to set focus on dynamically created controls using windows application

txtsrno = new TextBox();
            txtsrno.Name = "a1" + nn.ToString();
            txtsrno.Location = new Point(6, y);
            txtsrno.Size = new Size(59, 20);
            txtsrno.Text = sno.ToString();
            txtsrno.TabIndex = txt_amount.TabIndex + 1; // this is not working. 
Nicholas Butler 5-Oct-11 8:58am    
Your question and your code sample do not match - are you trying to set the focus or the TabIndex property?
ChiragBMakwana 5-Oct-11 9:07am    
i have three textbox Srno,Itemname,amount.
when i leave from amount then set the focus on itemname.
but problem is that when i leave the focus on amount. focus is set on dicrectly on srno..

when i leave from amount at that time textbox are create dynamically.
so please tell me how to set focus in itemname textbox..

Thanks in advance.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 5-Oct-11 12:59pm    
Still no match with your code sample -- there is no "itemname". Not to worry, you got a general answer.

Once added the control to the panel1, try calling the Focus method.


Should help!

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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 5-Oct-11 12:57pm    
Correct, my 5.
I have a minor contribution to the answer, please see my solution.
A short note to the correct answer by Mario, just to close the topic: all controls are always created and added dynamically. If you think the Designer does something different, think again. The designer only helps you to create the code during design-time. What happens during runtime is exactly what you do in your application. Look at the C# code auto-generated by the Designer to see it.

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