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How can I convert English text to Hindi without using Google or any other API. As there is a rate limit in each API. I need to do the conversion through C# code.

What I have tried:

I have tried google API but it has a rate limit.
Updated 1-Apr-16 18:04pm
dan!sh 8-Mar-16 3:03am    
Transliterate or translate?
suhel_khan 9-Mar-16 1:45am    
dan!sh 9-Mar-16 2:51am    
This is not going to be easy. You need to write your own translator which should understand syntax and semantics of English and should be able to translate it to same in Hindi. Changing words from English to Hindi is relatively easy. You can have a dictionary in your API and change it.

Read about both language structures before starting out with code.
suhel_khan 9-Mar-16 5:24am    
Do you have any idea for Transliterate the sentence.
dan!sh 9-Mar-16 5:40am    
Are you sure what you need to do?

"I wasnt aware that we can create a API in VisualStudio. It will be great if you can help me out in coding part instead of stupid suggestions."

They aren't stupid suggestions - they are basically saying that you have absolutely no idea how much work is involved here.
The Google translation service is the product of probably thousands of man years of work: not man hours, but man years. This is not a trivial task.
If you want to translate ask the strings on your web pages, then either use Google or pay a translator.
But if you want to do it dynamically on your site in real time, then "writing an API to do it" is not really practical unless you are a linguistic genius, and a coding god.
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if you do not want to use google api or third party, you can approach this way

1.keep language name or ID in session

2.The contents ,for which you want translation ,keep separate versions in database tables linking it with language ID or language name.If you want -You can make it editable from admin

3. on header keep flags for selecting language and on clicking assign language
id in session and also make a default language ID when website opens.

4.Depending session value of language ID show content in webpage.
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