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I'm fairly new to SharePoint 2013 Server and has been tasked with setting up and getting everything right :-(

We want to be able to sync files from a document list, or any other type of list to each local users PC when they login.
Now for the hard part. The path must be a constant set path that the user never sees or be able to change, will be the same on each user.
And each time the user logs into the SharePoint site it must either sync it each time or when there is a new file version available, whichever is easier, without the user really knowing about it.

Now I have no idea how to set that up or do it.
I got it to work so that the user can download a file but he must then still copy it over into the correct path, and that we don't really want.

Any help would be much appreciated, and I'll try anything from custom apps to SharePoint designer.

Thank you so long and thanks for all the fish.
DanielBrownAU 8-Dec-15 18:29pm    
"We want to be able to sync files from a document list, or any other type of list to each local users PC when they login."

What is the point of this? - Why bother having SharePoint if your using local folders still? SharePoint is a web based product, your users can goto a URL to access the files and site.

Why not use document versioning in SharePoint out of the box?
Asgard25 9-Dec-15 2:09am    
We have to update crystal reports and some other files on a weekly basis. And this is the path that was chosen for me..
The user shouldn't be able to change the files or upload them again.
DanielBrownAU 9-Dec-15 17:00pm    
You can just give them read only permission
Asgard25 10-Dec-15 2:56am    
That part I have gotten so far.
What my main problem currently is the auto sync to a specific location without the user having to set it.
DanielBrownAU 13-Dec-15 18:16pm    
How are you syncing files between the two?

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