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Arjan is working at KodeCompagniet AS in Norway, creators of the DemiCode line of components.

His job is in programming, architecture and training where his main focus is on C# and MS SQL Server.
Arjan holds several certifications including MCT, MCSD/MCSD.NET, MCAD, MCDBA and MCSE.

When he is not programming, he is probably taking a trip on his Honda Varadero.


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Generaldb4o Pin
Arjan Einbu10-Sep-07 23:06
Arjan Einbu10-Sep-07 23:06 
GeneralTest First Development / Unittesting Pin
Arjan Einbu13-Sep-03 23:20
Arjan Einbu13-Sep-03 23:20 
An other thing I'm trying to get better at is Unittesting and the main concept in Test First Development: Always create a failing test. (If a test never has failed. It's not worth anything.)

A failing test is proof that test is actually running, and only then can the unittest be seen as a verification or proof of that the method beeing tested is really doing its job.

When the test is created upfront, you don't know the exact implementation details of the solution you are testing. You only know how it is supposed to behave. (Either since you know the output from a method, the state of an object or the exceptions it should throw.) This is a good thing!

After the test has failed atleast once (with the empty solution) you can start programming on the solution. When the tests work, your solution is done. (Or you start creating more test for new functionality. Next iteration of the project.)

Unittesting is part of what's called the Agile methodologies. I've learned them from one specific branch of this, named XP, or eXtreme Programming.
NewsVS.NET2005 Pin
Arjan Einbu11-Oct-05 12:08
Arjan Einbu11-Oct-05 12:08 
GeneralPrevayler / Bamboo Prevalence Pin
Arjan Einbu13-Sep-03 9:41
Arjan Einbu13-Sep-03 9:41 
GeneralRe: Prevayler / Bamboo Prevalence Pin
Arjan Einbu18-Oct-03 9:37
Arjan Einbu18-Oct-03 9:37 
GeneralRe: Prevayler / Bamboo Prevalence Pin
Arjan Einbu10-Nov-03 10:39
Arjan Einbu10-Nov-03 10:39 

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