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JokeProgramming jokes Pin
Member 109104631-Aug-14 8:48
Member 109104631-Aug-14 8:48 
NewsHistory Of C# Pin
Member 109104631-Aug-14 8:41
Member 109104631-Aug-14 8:41 
The C# project started almost five years ago, in December 1998, with the goal to create a
simple, modern, object-oriented, and type-safe programming language for the new and yet
to be named .NET platform. Since then, C# has come a long way. The language is now in
use by hundreds of thousands of programmers, it has been standardized by both ECMA
and ISO/IEC, and the development of a second version of the language with several major
new features is close to completion

Many people have been involved in the creation of the C# language. The language design
team for C# 1.0 consisted of Anders Hejlsberg, Scott Wiltamuth, Peter Golde, Peter Sollich,
and Eric Gunnerson. For C# 2.0, the language design team consisted of Anders Hejlsberg,
Peter Golde, Peter Hallam, Shon Katzenberger, Todd Proebsting, and Anson Horton.
Furthermore, the design and implementation of generics in C# and the .NET Common
Language Runtime is based on the “Gyro” prototype built by Don Syme and Andrew
Kennedy of Microsoft Research.

Big Grin | :-D
Prabhat Kumar Mishra

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