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I manage the strategy for the Azure Management Experience documentation at Microsoft. Those technologies include Open-Source DevOps (Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins), Azure PowerShell, and Azure CLI.


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GeneralRe: Site update Pin
Nick Parker14-Sep-03 8:36
protectorNick Parker14-Sep-03 8:36 
GeneralRe: Writing books Pin
Mauricio Ritter21-Jul-03 16:10
Mauricio Ritter21-Jul-03 16:10 
GeneralSpeaking of books... Pin
Shog916-Jan-04 11:07
sitebuilderShog916-Jan-04 11:07 
(...because topics die slowly here...)

Just finished reading "Extending MFC Applications with the .NET Framework". It rocks - i feel much more confident moving our old app to .NET now. I'm curious though - the first chapter covers a good many pitfalls to avoid when beginning to write mixed-mode code, but what about existing code? Libraries ported through three successive versions of MFC, crumbling COM wrappers, the piles of cruft that accumulate underneath the duct tape holding a large, aging app together? And now with a shiny new .NET front-end... What would i do well to watch for when the lightening strikes, and this monster tries to fight its way off the table?

But in the end, it's all just database access right? And that stuff is just plain boring.

GeneralRe: Speaking of books... Pin
Tom Archer25-Aug-05 7:54
Tom Archer25-Aug-05 7:54 
GeneralRe: Speaking of books... Pin
Shog925-Aug-05 9:20
sitebuilderShog925-Aug-05 9:20 
GeneralRe: Speaking of books... Pin
Tom Archer26-Aug-05 6:24
Tom Archer26-Aug-05 6:24 

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