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Mircea Grelus - Professional Profile


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Mircea Grelus lives in Targu Mures, Romania moved to the Netherlands, and needs to update his profile when he feels like it. Until then ...

He is kind of disappointed by the University he's attending, but he loves programming so he also works as a developer in a software company. This is definitely what he wants to do for a living.
He has heard funny stories that universities are the leaders in research and innovation. These stories always make him laugh, but he respects the elders.

His favorites movies are the MSDN webcasts, and he suffers from mild insomnia (often finding himself writing code until late into the night).
He’s also a very romantic person who enjoys watching the reflection of the sunrise on his monitor. He considers it to be a very nice background for the IDE. When he’s not geeking he’s probably attending classes at the University, trying to play his guitar and - quite rare lately - going out for a drink with his friends.

He doesn’t like to sleep but he has no choice.

Until he gets a set of better lenses than the 18-55 mm ones he currently owns, you can see his crappy pictures on Flickr


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GeneralTesting incorect modified tag added Pin
Mircea Grelus20-May-06 2:42
Mircea Grelus20-May-06 2:42 
GeneralRe: Testing modifies added tag [modifed] Pin
Mircea Grelus20-May-06 2:43
Mircea Grelus20-May-06 2:43 
General[Message Deleted] Pin
Mircea Grelus20-Dec-05 13:21
Mircea Grelus20-Dec-05 13:21 
GeneralRe: Lounging.... Pin
Albu Marius3-Aug-07 3:29
Albu Marius3-Aug-07 3:29 
GeneralRe: Lounging.... Pin
Mircea Grelus8-Aug-07 11:01
Mircea Grelus8-Aug-07 11:01 
GeneralRe: Lounging.... Pin
_Zorro_8-Nov-07 7:21
professional_Zorro_8-Nov-07 7:21 
GeneralRe: Lounging.... [modified] Pin
Mircea Grelus12-Nov-07 2:13
Mircea Grelus12-Nov-07 2:13 
It actually does. A little. Both Romanian and Italian are latin languages and it is very easy for a Romanian speaking person to understand/learn Italian. I spent a month in Italy and I could understand most of what people were speaking around me and on the TV, but had trouble actually constructing sentences (speaking). After a couple of weeks I was able to though.

"Pay people peanuts and you get monkeys" - David Ogilvy

GeneralRe: Lounging.... Pin
blackjack21509-Aug-07 22:37
blackjack21509-Aug-07 22:37 

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