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Temporary programmer for ProCure treatment centers.

I've also studied Horn recently receiving a Master of Music Degree from Indiana University.


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LimitedAtonement27-Oct-09 13:30
LimitedAtonement27-Oct-09 13:30 
I'm not sure what this forum is for, but I suppose I should post to it. Here's my first post to my forum. I'm writing a program. Right now, I'm working with Dicom Structure Sets (Found on pages 512 - 521 in the Dicom standard PS 3 (Information Object Definitions(IODs))). I have created a program to render them to screen, but now I need to, given a beam (two points) find out where that beam intersects the region. A region is defined of many 3D loops put together. Finding where a beam crosses that path is tricky because you can't guarantee (infact you can almost give the inverse guarantee) that the beam will actually cross a point, so you have to get as close as you can, again, very difficult. Also, you want the crossing closest to the beam source (not the distal end), also, the region could potentially cross the beam n times. This means that if the beam comes close to the source, but doesn't cross it, but later crosses it, then later crosses it again, you'll have three 'close spots,' but you only want the second one. The difference between a close spot where there is a touch, and a close spot where there is not a touch is difficult to manage.

Well, that sums up my first post.

In Christ,
Aaron Laws

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