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Dynamsoft has more than 15 years of experience in TWAIN SDKs, imaging SDKs and version control solutions.

Our products include:

- Dynamic Web TWAIN: a TWAIN scanning SDK optimized for web document management applications.
- Dynamic .NET TWAIN: a .NET TWAIN and Directshow Image Capture SDK for WinForms/WPF applications.

Imaging SDKs
- Barcode Reader for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android and Raspberry Pi.
- OCR addon for both web and .NET TWAIN SDKs

Version Control
- SourceAnywhere: a SQL server-based source control solution. Both on-premise and hosting options are provided.



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Michael Turing
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billy ukim
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Web Developer
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Business Analyst Omega business Solution
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I Started my Programming career with C++.After that i work on ASP, Later got a chance to develop Windows Form applications using C#. Now using C# & ASP.NET to write Information Systems, e-commerce/e-governance Portals, SEO and Data driven websites.

My interests involves Programming, Website development, Search Engine Optimizations(SEO) and Learning/Teaching subjects related to Computer Science/Information Systems.

I have Twelve years IT Experience .Still in same job, still in same country.
Earning is not a big mater, working a lot harder.

I seem to know slightly more, which is good on the whole.

Set up a business, still early days and enjoyable.
Pakistan Pakistan
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