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GeneralRe: Bless SQL Pin
honey the codewitch1-Nov-21 3:42
mvahoney the codewitch1-Nov-21 3:42 
GeneralRe: Bless SQL Pin
Greg Utas31-Oct-21 15:36
mveGreg Utas31-Oct-21 15:36 
GeneralRe: Bless SQL Pin
honey the codewitch31-Oct-21 16:31
mvahoney the codewitch31-Oct-21 16:31 
GeneralRe: Bless SQL Pin
Jon McKee31-Oct-21 15:41
professionalJon McKee31-Oct-21 15:41 
GeneralRe: Bless SQL Pin
honey the codewitch31-Oct-21 16:33
mvahoney the codewitch31-Oct-21 16:33 
GeneralRe: Bless SQL Pin
NeverJustHere31-Oct-21 16:42
MemberNeverJustHere31-Oct-21 16:42 
GeneralRe: Bless SQL Pin
honey the codewitch31-Oct-21 17:34
mvahoney the codewitch31-Oct-21 17:34 
GeneralRe: Bless SQL Pin
honey the codewitch31-Oct-21 17:40
mvahoney the codewitch31-Oct-21 17:40 
I didn't even respond to the rest of your questions! Whoops, let me try again.

I haven't tested the performance specifically. I wasn't impressed with the execution plan for the table version though. The compiled ones should perform "okay" once MSSQL gets done putting them into native code, but it won't be near as fast as outside of a DB.

I wouldn't use .NET's engine because it's not available everywhere. With Reggie you write the spec once, and it runs identically across any supported target. That's important for business schemas or even just application behavior consistency, if you're doing like, triple tier validation for example. Also I don't think you can use the CLR in the database without turning it on explicitly, and I could see a lot of people (if not most) leaving it off.

The takeaway here is Reggie will probably run where a .NET solution wouldn't, and it won't perform as well in the DB, unless you take the C# code reggie generates and run *that* in the database, which i suppose is doable as well.

So for a DB, this is best used for validation during updates that aren't intended to be super fast, full metal writes, though you can probably use this modestly in such a scenario for normalizing snatches of JSON and such.

I think I may solve my SQL problems with having structured chunks of sql that can render to multiple targets (like "advance the input position and move along a transition, with capture")

I've never heard of SQLNext.
Real programmers use butterflies

GeneralRe: Bless SQL Pin
#realJSOP2-Nov-21 0:32
mva#realJSOP2-Nov-21 0:32 
GeneralRe: Bless SQL Pin
NeverJustHere2-Nov-21 17:58
MemberNeverJustHere2-Nov-21 17:58 
GeneralRe: Bless SQL Pin
#realJSOP2-Nov-21 23:55
mva#realJSOP2-Nov-21 23:55 
PraiseRe: Bless SQL Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter31-Oct-21 20:19
professionalKornfeld Eliyahu Peter31-Oct-21 20:19 
GeneralRe: Bless SQL Pin
Member 153296131-Nov-21 1:19
MemberMember 153296131-Nov-21 1:19 
GeneralRe: Bless SQL Pin
honey the codewitch1-Nov-21 3:44
mvahoney the codewitch1-Nov-21 3:44 
GeneralRe: Bless SQL Pin
Mike Hankey1-Nov-21 3:14
professionalMike Hankey1-Nov-21 3:14 
GeneralRe: Bless SQL Pin
Gerry Schmitz1-Nov-21 7:12
mveGerry Schmitz1-Nov-21 7:12 
GeneralRe: Bless SQL Pin
honey the codewitch1-Nov-21 7:45
mvahoney the codewitch1-Nov-21 7:45 
GeneralRe: Bless SQL Pin
#realJSOP2-Nov-21 0:37
mva#realJSOP2-Nov-21 0:37 
GeneralRe: Bless SQL Pin
honey the codewitch2-Nov-21 6:59
mvahoney the codewitch2-Nov-21 6:59 
GeneralVS2022 confusion Pin
Super Lloyd31-Oct-21 14:52
MemberSuper Lloyd31-Oct-21 14:52 
GeneralRe: VS2022 confusion Pin
honey the codewitch31-Oct-21 14:53
mvahoney the codewitch31-Oct-21 14:53 
GeneralRe: VS2022 confusion Pin
Super Lloyd31-Oct-21 14:59
MemberSuper Lloyd31-Oct-21 14:59 
GeneralRe: VS2022 confusion Pin
BryanFazekas2-Nov-21 2:07
MemberBryanFazekas2-Nov-21 2:07 
GeneralRe: VS2022 confusion Pin
honey the codewitch2-Nov-21 6:56
mvahoney the codewitch2-Nov-21 6:56 
GeneralRe: VS2022 confusion Pin
OriginalGriff31-Oct-21 22:22
mveOriginalGriff31-Oct-21 22:22 

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