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GeneralRe: Planned obsolescence Pin
Martin ISDN28-Jun-21 23:06
MemberMartin ISDN28-Jun-21 23:06 
JokeI may move to Arizona Pin
Cp-Coder18-Jun-21 12:15
MemberCp-Coder18-Jun-21 12:15 
GeneralRe: I may move to Arizona Pin
Slow Eddie18-Jun-21 12:20
professionalSlow Eddie18-Jun-21 12:20 
GeneralRe: I may move to Arizona Pin
Dar Brett18-Jun-21 19:27
MemberDar Brett18-Jun-21 19:27 
GeneralRe: I may move to Arizona Pin
PIEBALDconsult18-Jun-21 12:26
professionalPIEBALDconsult18-Jun-21 12:26 
GeneralRe: I may move to Arizona Pin
RickZeeland18-Jun-21 20:31
mveRickZeeland18-Jun-21 20:31 
JokeRe: I may move to Arizona Pin
enhzflep20-Jun-21 22:41
Memberenhzflep20-Jun-21 22:41 
GeneralLearning Rust PinPopular
raddevus18-Jun-21 8:02
mvaraddevus18-Jun-21 8:02 
I've begun the journey of Learning Rust with this book, Programming Rust: Fast, Safe Systems Development 2nd Edition[^]

So far, I like:

1) builds binaries that need no additional runtime to be installed -- produces exe which runs natively.
2) Cargo packaging system is actually quite nice.
3) very C/C++-like so easy to learn, but I can already tell there is quite a bit of protection there so you don't shoot yourself in foot.
4)libraries are named similar to std c libaries so easy to find
5 Unit testing is built-in just decorate method with #[test] and you're ready to go. then run with $ cargo test --- AMAZING
6 syntax is very similar to Kotlin (which I know from Android dev) so at least there is some cross-over learning.

Interesting Thing
Types are like u64, u32 (unsigned), i32 (integer) f32 (float).
Made me laugh because it took me back to the days of hungarian notation[^] which was beat up by C# and VisualStudio and all the people said, "stop using hungarian notation!!" and I finally gave it up. Now, in Rust, it's kind of back. 😆🤓
GeneralRe: Learning Rust Pin
Greg Utas18-Jun-21 8:08
mveGreg Utas18-Jun-21 8:08 
GeneralRe: Learning Rust Pin
Mike Hankey18-Jun-21 9:41
professionalMike Hankey18-Jun-21 9:41 
GeneralRe: Learning Rust Pin
Matt McGuire22-Jun-21 4:39
professionalMatt McGuire22-Jun-21 4:39 
GeneralRe: Learning Rust Pin
RickZeeland18-Jun-21 9:43
mveRickZeeland18-Jun-21 9:43 
GeneralRe: Learning Rust Pin
Gary R. Wheeler18-Jun-21 10:33
MemberGary R. Wheeler18-Jun-21 10:33 
GeneralRe: Learning Rust Pin
raddevus18-Jun-21 10:41
mvaraddevus18-Jun-21 10:41 
GeneralRe: Learning Rust Pin
Gary R. Wheeler18-Jun-21 12:55
MemberGary R. Wheeler18-Jun-21 12:55 
GeneralRe: Learning Rust Pin
raddevus18-Jun-21 17:14
mvaraddevus18-Jun-21 17:14 
PraiseRe: Learning Rust Pin
Gary R. Wheeler19-Jun-21 8:15
MemberGary R. Wheeler19-Jun-21 8:15 
GeneralRe: Learning Rust Pin
Garth J Lancaster19-Jun-21 19:58
professionalGarth J Lancaster19-Jun-21 19:58 
GeneralIf you listen ... Pin
Jörgen Andersson18-Jun-21 5:26
professionalJörgen Andersson18-Jun-21 5:26 
GeneralRe: If you listen ... Pin
Slacker00718-Jun-21 5:29
professionalSlacker00718-Jun-21 5:29 
GeneralRe: If you listen ... Pin
Daniel Pfeffer18-Jun-21 5:31
professionalDaniel Pfeffer18-Jun-21 5:31 
GeneralRe: If you listen ... Pin
DRHuff18-Jun-21 6:58
MemberDRHuff18-Jun-21 6:58 
GeneralRe: If you listen ... Pin
PIEBALDconsult18-Jun-21 7:29
professionalPIEBALDconsult18-Jun-21 7:29 
GeneralRe: If you listen ... Pin
Ravi Bhavnani18-Jun-21 11:10
professionalRavi Bhavnani18-Jun-21 11:10 
GeneralRe: If you listen ... Pin
obermd19-Jun-21 8:08
Memberobermd19-Jun-21 8:08 

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