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GeneralRe: Little bit surprised !!! Pin
super27-May-20 22:57
professionalsuper27-May-20 22:57 
GeneralRe: Little bit surprised !!! Pin
Nelek27-May-20 23:33
protectorNelek27-May-20 23:33 
GeneralRe: Little bit surprised !!! Pin
Sander Rossel27-May-20 22:45
professionalSander Rossel27-May-20 22:45 
GeneralRe: Little bit surprised !!! Pin
Nelek27-May-20 23:28
protectorNelek27-May-20 23:28 
GeneralRe: Little bit surprised !!! Pin
Richard MacCutchan27-May-20 22:48
mveRichard MacCutchan27-May-20 22:48 
GeneralRe: Little bit surprised !!! Pin
Member 798912227-May-20 23:40
MemberMember 798912227-May-20 23:40 
GeneralRe: Little bit surprised !!! Pin
GenJerDan28-May-20 0:47
MemberGenJerDan28-May-20 0:47 
GeneralRe: Little bit surprised !!! Pin
Member 798912228-May-20 9:50
MemberMember 798912228-May-20 9:50 
There are quite a few ...

Avslørt av mobilen[^] - one of the first stories, with this guy that they traced and made contact with to "tell his story".

Norske offiserer og soldater avslørt av mobilen[^] - about the military guys that were traced into the Rena military installation.

Mobilsporing: 8300 mobiler sporet på sykehus og krisesentre[^] - tracing phones in hospital and violence shelters.

Hofstad Helleland om mobilsporings-avsløringen: – Dypt urovekkende[^] - politicians' reactions to the disclosures.

Datatilsynet opnar gransking etter NRK-avsløring[^] - The Norwegian Data Protection Authority reactions to the disclosures, and their (so far unsuccessful) attempts to get in contact with the company selling the data.

Venstre-leder skremt: – Vi er ikke i stand til å sikre våre egne[^] - another politician's reactions to the revelations.

Britisk datatilsyn starter undersøkelser etter NRK-avsløring[^] - the Norwegian DPA is now cooperating with their British counterpart to investigate this British company selling the data.

Guide: Slik begrenser du sporing av din mobil[^] - a guide to Norwegian users on how to reduce the amount of location information your smartphone reveals.

These are the major stories from NRK. The last three are from "NRKbeta", an NRK website presenting all sorts of "nerdy" articles about digital technology and related stuff. NRK stories used to have a "User's comments" column based on Disqus, but when it was revealed that Disqus sells information to others about the readers making comments, NRK cancelled their Readers' Comments column. For the NRKbeta articles, they have a Readers' Comments system developed by themselves, and there are sometimes quite extensive discussions.

There have been several others in other net fora, and it has been discussed in several discussion groups. There has been discussions in radio and TV programs, etc.

Please note a couple points: If you do not read Norwegian yourself, but must rely on e.g. Google translate, the first five stories (the non-NRKbeta ones) are presented in a modern, "fancy" way with floating text frames and video backgorunds etc. You can't easily "Mark All" and paste into Google Translate, but must do it more or less piece by piece.

And, you may be aware that we have two variants of the Norwegian language: The East Norway "bokmål" and the mostly West Norway "nynorsk" (attempting to capture a lot more of the tradional Norwegian dialects). The "Datatilsynet opnar gransking etter NRK-avsløring" story is in nynorsk. Google Translate may be less capable of translating the story to English.

If you do master Norwegian, you might want to watch a TV program NRK presented last November on a closely related problem: They picked one profile in social media to investigate how easily they could make a complete profile of that guy, and how easily they could manipulate him based on this information. In the process, they made undercover contact with the brother of the "victim" to check that it wouldn't involve too large risks. Like in this phone tracing story, after the hoax was revealed, the "victim" was willing to stand up and let the story be told on TV. The program is found at NRK TV – Folkeopplysningen – Sosiale Mehdi[^].

Norwegian subtitles are available; I can mail to you a rough translation to English (assuming that you can download the program an replay it with your translated subtitle file - if you don't, you can find one tailored for NRK at snippsat / Wx_nrk / Downloads[^]), so you can enjoy it even if you do not master Norwegain.
This program is really worth watching!
GeneralRe: Little bit surprised !!! Pin
GenJerDan28-May-20 21:14
MemberGenJerDan28-May-20 21:14 
GeneralRe: Little bit surprised !!! Pin
abmv28-May-20 1:29
professionalabmv28-May-20 1:29 
GeneralRe: Little bit surprised !!! Pin
obermd28-May-20 3:26
Memberobermd28-May-20 3:26 
GeneralRe: Little bit surprised !!! Pin
DerekT-P28-May-20 6:11
professionalDerekT-P28-May-20 6:11 
GeneralMinneapolis Pin
TheGreatAndPowerfulOz27-May-20 19:41
MemberTheGreatAndPowerfulOz27-May-20 19:41 
GeneralRe: Minneapolis Pin
Nelek27-May-20 21:16
protectorNelek27-May-20 21:16 
GeneralRe: Minneapolis Pin
Amarnath S27-May-20 22:15
professionalAmarnath S27-May-20 22:15 
GeneralRe: Minneapolis Pin
Richard MacCutchan27-May-20 22:47
mveRichard MacCutchan27-May-20 22:47 
GeneralRe: Minneapolis Pin
TheGreatAndPowerfulOz28-May-20 7:59
MemberTheGreatAndPowerfulOz28-May-20 7:59 
GeneralGoing full 'Murican! Pin
Super Lloyd27-May-20 18:19
MemberSuper Lloyd27-May-20 18:19 
GeneralBreaking changes Pin
PJ Arends27-May-20 18:15
professionalPJ Arends27-May-20 18:15 
GeneralRe: Breaking changes Pin
Super Lloyd27-May-20 18:30
MemberSuper Lloyd27-May-20 18:30 
GeneralRe: Breaking changes Pin
Daniel Pfeffer27-May-20 20:05
professionalDaniel Pfeffer27-May-20 20:05 
GeneralRe: Breaking changes Pin
k505428-May-20 3:32
mvek505428-May-20 3:32 
GeneralRe: Breaking changes Pin
Daniel Pfeffer30-May-20 20:41
professionalDaniel Pfeffer30-May-20 20:41 
GeneralRe: Breaking changes Pin
Nelek27-May-20 21:11
protectorNelek27-May-20 21:11 
GeneralRe: Breaking changes Pin
binarycoder4228-May-20 17:24
Memberbinarycoder4228-May-20 17:24 

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