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GeneralRe: To all those who failed to commit suicide on Xmas day Pin
Johnny J.28-Dec-19 11:55
professionalJohnny J.28-Dec-19 11:55 
GeneralRe: To all those who failed to commit suicide on Xmas day Pin
User 1106097928-Dec-19 11:24
MemberUser 1106097928-Dec-19 11:24 
GeneralRe: To all those who failed to commit suicide on Xmas day Pin
Cp-Coder28-Dec-19 13:43
MemberCp-Coder28-Dec-19 13:43 
GeneralRe: To all those who failed to commit suicide on Xmas day Pin
jeron128-Dec-19 14:58
Memberjeron128-Dec-19 14:58 
GeneralRe: To all those who failed to commit suicide on Xmas day Pin
Eddy Vluggen28-Dec-19 15:34
professionalEddy Vluggen28-Dec-19 15:34 
GeneralRe: To all those who failed to commit suicide on Xmas day Pin
DRHuff28-Dec-19 18:16
MemberDRHuff28-Dec-19 18:16 
GeneralRe: To all those who failed to commit suicide on Xmas day Pin
Johnny J.29-Dec-19 1:27
professionalJohnny J.29-Dec-19 1:27 
GeneralDon't PinPopular
Marco Bertschi29-Dec-19 3:42
professionalMarco Bertschi29-Dec-19 3:42 
I can understand that this may seem funny for some, but as someone who spends time as voluntary firefighter I'm speaking to those who may think about committing suicide: Don't. Contact someone, be it someone you know or a suicide hotline. Throwing yourself under a train is a bad idea, you disrupt not only many commuters schedule but also but a strain on other peoples mental health: be it accidental witnesses, train drives, first responders and so on.
I'm not part of the group who recovers people from beneath trains, and quite frankly I'm glad about that.
I am, however, part of the lake search and rescue group, and trying to recover someone who went swimming without the intention to come back in icy january conditions is beyond a bad experience.

So, kids, here's the takeaway:
Don't commit suicide, talk to someone - friends, family, helplines, 112, 911 - they'll be happy to help you and work out a solution.
If you're suffering from a terminal illness, go with Exit, Dignitas or any other organization.

And last but not least:

Don't encourage suicide, online or in real life if the person hasn't a terminal condition - Studies have proven that after public coverage of suicides the rate tends to go up.

/Edit: some things became less clear in writing as they were in my head, see my answer to Eddy's post as there are somethings written out more clear.
I only have a signature in order to let @DalekDave follow my posts.

modified 29-Dec-19 10:48am.

GeneralRe: Don't Pin
Eddy Vluggen29-Dec-19 4:37
professionalEddy Vluggen29-Dec-19 4:37 
GeneralRe: Don't Pin
Marco Bertschi29-Dec-19 4:46
professionalMarco Bertschi29-Dec-19 4:46 
GeneralRe: Don't Pin
Marco Bertschi29-Dec-19 4:51
professionalMarco Bertschi29-Dec-19 4:51 
GeneralRe: Don't Pin
Eddy Vluggen29-Dec-19 5:24
professionalEddy Vluggen29-Dec-19 5:24 
GeneralRe: Don't Pin
Mark_Wallace29-Dec-19 21:16
MemberMark_Wallace29-Dec-19 21:16 
GeneralRe: Don't Pin
Marco Bertschi30-Dec-19 2:05
professionalMarco Bertschi30-Dec-19 2:05 
GeneralRe: Don't Pin
BillWoodruff30-Dec-19 3:28
mveBillWoodruff30-Dec-19 3:28 
GeneralRe: Don't Pin
Mark_Wallace30-Dec-19 3:53
MemberMark_Wallace30-Dec-19 3:53 
GeneralRe: Don't Pin
Rick York30-Dec-19 7:00
mveRick York30-Dec-19 7:00 
GeneralRe: Don't Pin
Jörgen Andersson30-Dec-19 8:35
professionalJörgen Andersson30-Dec-19 8:35 
GeneralRe: Don't Pin
User 1106097930-Dec-19 15:11
MemberUser 1106097930-Dec-19 15:11 
QuestionRe: Don't Pin
Eddy Vluggen30-Dec-19 5:51
professionalEddy Vluggen30-Dec-19 5:51 
AnswerRe: Don't Pin
Richard Andrew x6430-Dec-19 11:20
professionalRichard Andrew x6430-Dec-19 11:20 
GeneralRe: Don't Pin
Eddy Vluggen30-Dec-19 11:27
professionalEddy Vluggen30-Dec-19 11:27 
AnswerRe: Don't Pin
Mark_Wallace31-Dec-19 1:37
MemberMark_Wallace31-Dec-19 1:37 
GeneralRe: Don't Pin
Eddy Vluggen31-Dec-19 2:18
professionalEddy Vluggen31-Dec-19 2:18 
GeneralRe: Don't Pin
Mark_Wallace31-Dec-19 21:37
MemberMark_Wallace31-Dec-19 21:37 

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