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GeneralRe: Evolution of the User interface Pin
Mark_Wallace24-Oct-16 0:45
MemberMark_Wallace24-Oct-16 0:45 
GeneralRe: Evolution of the User interface Pin
Sander Rossel24-Oct-16 0:49
professionalSander Rossel24-Oct-16 0:49 
GeneralRe: Evolution of the User interface Pin
Mark_Wallace24-Oct-16 1:01
MemberMark_Wallace24-Oct-16 1:01 
GeneralRe: Evolution of the User interface Pin
Nelek24-Oct-16 2:13
protectorNelek24-Oct-16 2:13 
GeneralRe: Evolution of the User interface Pin
Slacker00724-Oct-16 3:06
professionalSlacker00724-Oct-16 3:06 
GeneralRe: Evolution of the User interface Pin
Mark_Wallace24-Oct-16 4:43
MemberMark_Wallace24-Oct-16 4:43 
GeneralRe: Office Ribbon is an good evolution Pin
Philippe Mori24-Oct-16 7:32
MemberPhilippe Mori24-Oct-16 7:32 
GeneralRe: Office Ribbon is an good evolution Pin
Mark_Wallace24-Oct-16 8:05
MemberMark_Wallace24-Oct-16 8:05 
In office, I used to have three toolbars: the basic toolbar, and two custom ones. Between them, they took up less than half the space of the ribbon -- and they always fit properly within the window.

With only three toolbars, almost every tool I ever used was opened/activated with only one click -- and I use a lot of tools, a number of which aren't even on the ribbon.

With the ribbon, I am continually changing tab (usually having to move the caret from one end of the screen to the other to open the tab, then back to the other end to click the tool), then changing back, then changing again, because I was so foolish as to put my cursor somewhere that ms has decided means that I have to use a different tab.

I only ever used the menu for "occasional" tools -- and it was easy to find them (even though they kept moving menu items with each new version).

I won't even bother going into how bloody insanely impossible it is to find all the dialogs and sub-windows that are absolutely essential, when setting up a project/template/whatever (if I didn't remember a lot of the keyboard shortcuts, it would drive me batty).

Or that the Most Used Visio tools -- the various alignment ones -- are no longer available as single buttons; you have to use a drop-down to get to them (but you're never on the tab where the drop-down is, obviously).

Just p1ssing about with the ribbon costs me a fortune in time when I should be being productive.

And that's not to mention that it breaks my train of thought, every time I have to hunt a function down, which costs a lot more than just a few clicks' worth of time.

Professional-level use of word-processors, spreadsheets, slideshow apps, and diagramming tools is every bit as complicated, if not more so, than professional use of an IDE.

I vote the ribbon be implemented for VS -- it's only used to edit a bunch of plain-text files, after all.

Then we'll see how many developers approve of it.
I wanna be a eunuchs developer! Pass me a bread knife!

GeneralRe: Evolution of the User interface Pin
Brady Kelly24-Oct-16 20:34
MemberBrady Kelly24-Oct-16 20:34 
GeneralRe: Evolution of the User interface Pin
Mark_Wallace24-Oct-16 21:58
MemberMark_Wallace24-Oct-16 21:58 
GeneralMQOTD Pin
V.23-Oct-16 21:05
professionalV.23-Oct-16 21:05 
GeneralRe: MQOTD Pin
Herman<T>.Instance23-Oct-16 21:08
MemberHerman<T>.Instance23-Oct-16 21:08 
GeneralRe: MQOTD Pin
Johnny J.23-Oct-16 21:13
professionalJohnny J.23-Oct-16 21:13 
GeneralRe: MQOTD Pin
Mark_Wallace23-Oct-16 22:40
MemberMark_Wallace23-Oct-16 22:40 
GeneralRe: MQOTD Pin
HobbyProggy23-Oct-16 22:49
professionalHobbyProggy23-Oct-16 22:49 
GeneralRe: MQOTD Pin
CDP180223-Oct-16 22:51
MemberCDP180223-Oct-16 22:51 
GeneralRe: MQOTD Pin
den2k8823-Oct-16 22:57
professionalden2k8823-Oct-16 22:57 
GeneralRe: MQOTD Pin
Richard Deeming24-Oct-16 2:31
mveRichard Deeming24-Oct-16 2:31 
GeneralSometimes... Windows 10 install... Pin
charlieg23-Oct-16 16:24
Membercharlieg23-Oct-16 16:24 
GeneralRe: Sometimes... Pin
DaveAuld23-Oct-16 17:45
professionalDaveAuld23-Oct-16 17:45 
GeneralRe: Sometimes... Pin
OriginalGriff23-Oct-16 20:18
mveOriginalGriff23-Oct-16 20:18 
GeneralRe: Sometimes... Pin
Munchies_Matt24-Oct-16 1:29
MemberMunchies_Matt24-Oct-16 1:29 
GeneralRe: Sometimes... Pin
Nelek24-Oct-16 2:16
protectorNelek24-Oct-16 2:16 
GeneralRe: Sometimes... Pin
Mark_Wallace23-Oct-16 20:59
MemberMark_Wallace23-Oct-16 20:59 
GeneralRe: Sometimes... Pin
charlieg23-Oct-16 23:37
Membercharlieg23-Oct-16 23:37 

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