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AnswerRe: Interview Question ?? Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones21-Dec-14 23:13
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones21-Dec-14 23:13 
AnswerRe: Interview Question ?? Pin
_Maxxx_22-Dec-14 0:35
professional_Maxxx_22-Dec-14 0:35 
GeneralRe: Interview Question ?? Pin
#realJSOP22-Dec-14 3:03
mva#realJSOP22-Dec-14 3:03 
GeneralRe: Interview Question ?? Pin
Pualee22-Dec-14 3:56
MemberPualee22-Dec-14 3:56 
GeneralRe: Interview Question ?? Pin
_Maxxx_22-Dec-14 11:14
professional_Maxxx_22-Dec-14 11:14 
AnswerRe: Interview Question ?? Pin
jgakenhe22-Dec-14 3:08
professionaljgakenhe22-Dec-14 3:08 
AnswerRe: Interview Question ?? Pin
Dominic Burford22-Dec-14 3:16
professionalDominic Burford22-Dec-14 3:16 
AnswerRe: Interview Question ?? Pin
Yusuf22-Dec-14 6:26
MemberYusuf22-Dec-14 6:26 
I ask that question all the time when interviewing a candidate, here is why?
1. I want to know what the candidate feels about his/her level.
2. I adjust the questions based on the level the candidate thinks. For example if someone thinks they are at level 8/9 but are struggling to answer some mid level questions then either they are not honest or they don't know too much.

The scale is arbitrary to me and just by itself does not reflect anything. But combining it with other factors and metrics, it gives me a glimpse of the candidates aptitude.

Let me give you couple examples:
1. Not too long ago I interviewed a candidate for senior level position. When I asked him to rate himself on C# and .net he said 9 out of 10. Later when I asked him to do some coding exercise he said he feels more comfortable talking about the theories and how the framework works and was reluctant to write a code on the white board. I kept explaining to him I was not looking for clean code and some syntax errors ( missing semicolon ) are not a factor. I cut the interview short half way through the coding exercise because he was struggling to write c# code for the position. The scale he gave himself didn't meet what I observed.

2. Another time, I asked a candidate to rate himself he said 6/7, but he was able to answer most questions and show solid code. Later I asked him why he gave himself a rate of 7, he said even though he knows enough there are many areas he would like to improve. We ended up offering him the position.

So, the rate a candidate gives me by it self does not mean much. But it helps me to alter the interview according to what the candidate thinks about themselves. If a candidate underrates himself / herself significantly just to impress me, I will have hard time to consider them for the position.

AnswerRe: Interview Question ?? Pin
Mark_Wallace22-Dec-14 8:00
MemberMark_Wallace22-Dec-14 8:00 
GeneralI've just been for coffee Pin
_Maxxx_21-Dec-14 19:31
professional_Maxxx_21-Dec-14 19:31 
GeneralJust been to the Mirror Pin
BillWoodruff21-Dec-14 18:50
mveBillWoodruff21-Dec-14 18:50 
GeneralRe: Just been to the Mirror Pin
PIEBALDconsult21-Dec-14 18:59
professionalPIEBALDconsult21-Dec-14 18:59 
GeneralRe: Just been to the Mirror Pin
_Maxxx_21-Dec-14 18:59
professional_Maxxx_21-Dec-14 18:59 
GeneralRe: Just been to the Mirror Pin
BillWoodruff21-Dec-14 21:33
mveBillWoodruff21-Dec-14 21:33 
GeneralRe: Just been to the Mirror Pin
_Maxxx_22-Dec-14 0:29
professional_Maxxx_22-Dec-14 0:29 
GeneralRe: Just been to the Mirror Pin
BillWoodruff22-Dec-14 6:15
mveBillWoodruff22-Dec-14 6:15 
GeneralRe: Just been to the Mirror Pin
_Maxxx_22-Dec-14 11:06
professional_Maxxx_22-Dec-14 11:06 
GeneralRe: Just been to the Mirror Pin
BillWoodruff22-Dec-14 21:32
mveBillWoodruff22-Dec-14 21:32 
GeneralRe: Just been to the Mirror Pin
_Maxxx_23-Dec-14 1:11
professional_Maxxx_23-Dec-14 1:11 
GeneralRe: Just been to the Mirror Pin
Abhinav S21-Dec-14 22:40
MemberAbhinav S21-Dec-14 22:40 
GeneralJust been to the moon Pin
_Maxxx_21-Dec-14 16:57
professional_Maxxx_21-Dec-14 16:57 
GeneralRe: Just been to the moon Pin
User 5924121-Dec-14 17:00
MemberUser 5924121-Dec-14 17:00 
GeneralRe: Just been to the moon Pin
_Maxxx_21-Dec-14 17:03
professional_Maxxx_21-Dec-14 17:03 
GeneralRe: Just been to the moon Pin
Fredrik Bornander21-Dec-14 22:58
professionalFredrik Bornander21-Dec-14 22:58 
GeneralRe: Just been to the moon Pin
Ravi Bhavnani22-Dec-14 9:51
professionalRavi Bhavnani22-Dec-14 9:51 

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