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GeneralRe: Docker Pin
Fabio Franco30-Oct-14 0:25
professionalFabio Franco30-Oct-14 0:25 
GeneralRe: Docker Pin
thomas.michaud30-Oct-14 4:40
Memberthomas.michaud30-Oct-14 4:40 
GeneralRe: Docker Pin
Marc Clifton30-Oct-14 4:55
mvaMarc Clifton30-Oct-14 4:55 
GeneralRe: Docker Pin
Gerry Schmitz30-Oct-14 12:05
mveGerry Schmitz30-Oct-14 12:05 
GeneralRe: Docker Pin
Andy Brummer29-Oct-14 8:55
sitebuilderAndy Brummer29-Oct-14 8:55 
GeneralRe: Docker Pin
Bob Nadler29-Oct-14 20:02
MemberBob Nadler29-Oct-14 20:02 
GeneralRe: Docker Pin
JohanJvR29-Oct-14 21:36
MemberJohanJvR29-Oct-14 21:36 
QuestionCat Allergies Pin
chriselst29-Oct-14 6:19
professionalchriselst29-Oct-14 6:19 
My wife is extremely allergic to cats.

Will she also be allergic to tigers?

Kind of urgent.

Not really urgent, but I do suddenly find myself pondering this
Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men have mediocrity thrust upon them.

AnswerRe: Cat Allergies Pin
Mladen Janković29-Oct-14 6:37
MemberMladen Janković29-Oct-14 6:37 
AnswerRe: Cat Allergies Pin
Slacker00729-Oct-14 6:37
professionalSlacker00729-Oct-14 6:37 
GeneralRe: Cat Allergies Pin
chriselst29-Oct-14 6:40
professionalchriselst29-Oct-14 6:40 
AnswerRe: Cat Allergies Pin
P0mpeyBoy29-Oct-14 6:40
MemberP0mpeyBoy29-Oct-14 6:40 
GeneralRe: Cat Allergies Pin
chriselst29-Oct-14 6:41
professionalchriselst29-Oct-14 6:41 
GeneralRe: Cat Allergies Pin
GenJerDan29-Oct-14 10:21
MemberGenJerDan29-Oct-14 10:21 
GeneralRe: Cat Allergies Pin
MarkTJohnson30-Oct-14 3:40
professionalMarkTJohnson30-Oct-14 3:40 
GeneralRe: Cat Allergies Pin
GenJerDan30-Oct-14 3:42
MemberGenJerDan30-Oct-14 3:42 
AnswerRe: Cat Allergies Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones29-Oct-14 7:06
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones29-Oct-14 7:06 
AnswerRe: Cat Allergies Pin
Ian Shlasko29-Oct-14 7:27
MemberIan Shlasko29-Oct-14 7:27 
AnswerRe: Cat Allergies Pin
Ingo29-Oct-14 8:12
MemberIngo29-Oct-14 8:12 
AnswerRe: Cat Allergies Pin
Roger Wright29-Oct-14 12:00
professionalRoger Wright29-Oct-14 12:00 
AnswerRe: Cat Allergies Pin
Bassam Abdul-Baki30-Oct-14 0:28
professionalBassam Abdul-Baki30-Oct-14 0:28 
GeneralThanks, Jeremy Pin
David O'Neil29-Oct-14 5:20
professionalDavid O'Neil29-Oct-14 5:20 
GeneralRe: Thanks, Jeremy Pin
Jeremy Falcon29-Oct-14 8:43
professionalJeremy Falcon29-Oct-14 8:43 
GeneralTWC don't suck today Pin
R. Giskard Reventlov29-Oct-14 5:17
MemberR. Giskard Reventlov29-Oct-14 5:17 
GeneralRe: TWC don't suck today Pin
GuyThiebaut29-Oct-14 5:21
professionalGuyThiebaut29-Oct-14 5:21 

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