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GeneralRe: Interesting... Pin
Stefan_Lang13-May-14 20:30
mveStefan_Lang13-May-14 20:30 
GeneralRe: Interesting... Pin
Sander Rossel13-May-14 20:35
professionalSander Rossel13-May-14 20:35 
GeneralRe: Interesting... Pin
CPallini13-May-14 21:46
mveCPallini13-May-14 21:46 
GeneralRe: Interesting... Pin
Rage13-May-14 22:20
professionalRage13-May-14 22:20 
GeneralRe: Interesting... Pin
R. Giskard Reventlov14-May-14 4:45
MemberR. Giskard Reventlov14-May-14 4:45 
GeneralRe: Interesting... Pin
Rage14-May-14 4:50
professionalRage14-May-14 4:50 
GeneralRe: Interesting... Pin
Gi2513-May-14 22:48
MemberGi2513-May-14 22:48 
GeneralRe: Interesting... Pin
yiangos13-May-14 23:24
professionalyiangos13-May-14 23:24 
I'm surprised that nobody mentioned Asimov so far (at least AFAIK, nobody mentioned him)

I believe that the poll is misleading (particularly the part that says "especially if I paid for it". That's just crap to drive people to pick the suicide choice as the "morally correct" one).

The two choices set as possible outcomes to the question posed to the robot are:

1. Kill the occupant(s) only.
2. Possibly kill the occupant(s) and occupant(s) of other bot-car(s) as well

If the three laws apply, then both of these choices would be rejected immediately as violating the first law (actively killing the occupants, or by doing nothing - i.e. inaction - possibly kill others). The bot-car would probably try to steer away from ALL oncoming traffic, and ALL oncoming traffic would probably try to steer away from the bot-car. In the end all bot-cars would actively try to save their occupants and the occupants of the other bot-cars first, and themselves (i.e. the bots) second.
Φευ! Εδόμεθα υπό ρηννοσχήμων λύκων!
(Alas! We're devoured by lamb-guised wolves!)

GeneralRe: Interesting... Pin
Mike Hankey14-May-14 2:06
professionalMike Hankey14-May-14 2:06 
GeneralRe: Interesting... Pin
Herbie Mountjoy14-May-14 2:19
professionalHerbie Mountjoy14-May-14 2:19 
GeneralRe: Interesting... Pin
Richard Emerson14-May-14 3:57
professionalRichard Emerson14-May-14 3:57 
GeneralRe: Interesting... Pin
patbob14-May-14 5:33
Memberpatbob14-May-14 5:33 
GeneralRe: Interesting... Pin
R. Giskard Reventlov14-May-14 6:12
MemberR. Giskard Reventlov14-May-14 6:12 
GeneralRe: Interesting... Pin
patbob14-May-14 12:15
Memberpatbob14-May-14 12:15 
GeneralRe: Interesting... Pin
R. Giskard Reventlov14-May-14 12:19
MemberR. Giskard Reventlov14-May-14 12:19 
GeneralRe: Interesting... Pin
Member 1028914514-May-14 11:47
MemberMember 1028914514-May-14 11:47 
GeneralRe: Interesting... Pin
R. Giskard Reventlov14-May-14 12:04
MemberR. Giskard Reventlov14-May-14 12:04 
GeneralRe: Interesting... Pin
_Maxxx_14-May-14 17:57
professional_Maxxx_14-May-14 17:57 
GeneralRe: Interesting... Pin
Gerry Schmitz14-May-14 14:22
mveGerry Schmitz14-May-14 14:22 
GeneralRe: Interesting... Pin
Carlosian15-May-14 10:05
MemberCarlosian15-May-14 10:05 
GeneralRe: Interesting... Pin
RafagaX16-May-14 11:31
professionalRafagaX16-May-14 11:31 
GeneralTizen SDK Pin
Marco Bertschi13-May-14 11:58
professionalMarco Bertschi13-May-14 11:58 
GeneralRe: Tizen SDK Pin
Kevin Priddle13-May-14 12:28
professionalKevin Priddle13-May-14 12:28 
GeneralRe: Tizen SDK Pin
Marco Bertschi13-May-14 12:32
professionalMarco Bertschi13-May-14 12:32 
GeneralRe: Tizen SDK Pin
Brisingr Aerowing13-May-14 15:55
professionalBrisingr Aerowing13-May-14 15:55 

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