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GeneralRe: Just asking Pin
User 5924118-Mar-14 23:18
MemberUser 5924118-Mar-14 23:18 
GeneralRe: Just asking Pin
Mike Hankey19-Mar-14 2:12
professionalMike Hankey19-Mar-14 2:12 
GeneralRe: Just asking Pin
JimmyRopes19-Mar-14 3:54
professionalJimmyRopes19-Mar-14 3:54 
GeneralCode Meterics Pin
Mycroft Holmes18-Mar-14 22:59
professionalMycroft Holmes18-Mar-14 22:59 
GeneralRe: Code Meterics Pin
Reiss18-Mar-14 23:28
professionalReiss18-Mar-14 23:28 
GeneralRe: Code Meterics Pin
Pete O'Hanlon18-Mar-14 23:31
mvaPete O'Hanlon18-Mar-14 23:31 
GeneralRe: Code Meterics Pin
Mycroft Holmes19-Mar-14 0:08
professionalMycroft Holmes19-Mar-14 0:08 
GeneralRe: Code Meterics Pin
Pete O'Hanlon19-Mar-14 0:21
mvaPete O'Hanlon19-Mar-14 0:21 
I always find it interesting the way that companies are willing to accept an accretion of technical debt. The concept that there's no time for testing or working to a loosely coupled, easily extensible application makes me want to sit back and watch as the whole edifice comes crashing around them once they have to significant upgrades that just don't fit into this untestable, tightly coupled monstrosity that they have pressured people into building.

The analogy that I like to work with is building a house. If you built a plastic house shell and decided two years down the line that you wanted to extend it - say by extending the base level out 30 foot, you will expand a heck of a lot of effort and what you would end up with would be significantly weakened at the join points (this is assuming that you could do it). Now, if you build your house out of bricks, while it may take you longer to join them together initially, if you want to upgrade the house later on it's significantly less work and as long as the job is done properly, the superstructure is not weakened in any way.
GeneralRe: Code Meterics Pin
Mycroft Holmes19-Mar-14 0:41
professionalMycroft Holmes19-Mar-14 0:41 
GeneralRe: Code Meterics Pin
Kevin McFarlane19-Mar-14 1:34
MemberKevin McFarlane19-Mar-14 1:34 
GeneralCCC 19/3/14 Pin
Dalek Dave18-Mar-14 22:47
professionalDalek Dave18-Mar-14 22:47 
GeneralRe: CCC 19/3/14 Pin
Worried Brown Eyes18-Mar-14 23:11
MemberWorried Brown Eyes18-Mar-14 23:11 
GeneralRe: CCC 19/3/14 PinPopular
Reiss18-Mar-14 23:36
professionalReiss18-Mar-14 23:36 
Generalsuicide prevention Pin
JimmyRopes18-Mar-14 22:33
professionalJimmyRopes18-Mar-14 22:33 
GeneralRe: suicide prevention Pin
Dalek Dave18-Mar-14 22:35
professionalDalek Dave18-Mar-14 22:35 
GeneralRe: suicide prevention Pin
Corporal Agarn19-Mar-14 1:25
professionalCorporal Agarn19-Mar-14 1:25 
GeneralRe: suicide prevention Pin
Mike Hankey19-Mar-14 2:21
professionalMike Hankey19-Mar-14 2:21 
GeneralRe: suicide prevention Pin
Richard Deeming19-Mar-14 3:06
mveRichard Deeming19-Mar-14 3:06 
GeneralRe: suicide prevention Pin
JimmyRopes19-Mar-14 3:15
professionalJimmyRopes19-Mar-14 3:15 
GeneralThis is sweet! Pin
Dalek Dave18-Mar-14 22:24
professionalDalek Dave18-Mar-14 22:24 
GeneralRe: This is sweet! Pin
Johnny J.18-Mar-14 22:26
professionalJohnny J.18-Mar-14 22:26 
GeneralRe: This is sweet! Pin
Mycroft Holmes18-Mar-14 22:49
professionalMycroft Holmes18-Mar-14 22:49 
GeneralRe: This is sweet! Pin
Max Methot19-Mar-14 1:52
MemberMax Methot19-Mar-14 1:52 
GeneralRe: This is sweet! Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter18-Mar-14 23:14
professionalKornfeld Eliyahu Peter18-Mar-14 23:14 
GeneralRe: This is sweet! Pin
Mike Hankey19-Mar-14 2:26
professionalMike Hankey19-Mar-14 2:26 

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