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GeneralRe: Why MSDN? Pin
James H14-Apr-12 6:59
MemberJames H14-Apr-12 6:59 
GeneralRe: Why MSDN? Pin
Rod Kemp11-Apr-12 17:46
MemberRod Kemp11-Apr-12 17:46 
GeneralRe: Why MSDN? Pin
Wendelius11-Apr-12 18:52
mveWendelius11-Apr-12 18:52 
GeneralRe: Why MSDN? Pin
computermage13-Apr-12 4:04
Membercomputermage13-Apr-12 4:04 
GeneralRe: Why MSDN? Pin
Eytukan11-Apr-12 23:14
MemberEytukan11-Apr-12 23:14 
GeneralRe: Why MSDN? Pin
Septimus Hedgehog11-Apr-12 23:48
MemberSeptimus Hedgehog11-Apr-12 23:48 
GeneralRe: Why MSDN? Pin
peterchen12-Apr-12 0:57
Memberpeterchen12-Apr-12 0:57 
GeneralRe: Why MSDN? Pin
Nicholas Butler12-Apr-12 4:20
sitebuilderNicholas Butler12-Apr-12 4:20 
Have you considered buying an Action Pack subscription? It's a lot cheaper than buying VS with MSDN.

You need an MS Partner account, but that just a matter of filling in a web form IIRC.

TIP: as a devleoper, you need the Development and Design version, NOT the Solution Provider version.

It comes with a limited MSDN subscription. The only thing I miss is Expression Blend.

GeneralRe: Why MSDN? Pin
Jerry W. Manweiler, Ph.D.13-Apr-12 9:41
MemberJerry W. Manweiler, Ph.D.13-Apr-12 9:41 
GeneralRe: Why MSDN? Pin
charlieg12-Apr-12 6:41
Membercharlieg12-Apr-12 6:41 
GeneralRe: Why MSDN? Pin
ColinBurnell12-Apr-12 21:56
professionalColinBurnell12-Apr-12 21:56 
GeneralRe: Why MSDN? Pin
Thornik13-Apr-12 1:56
MemberThornik13-Apr-12 1:56 
GeneralRe: Why MSDN? Pin
charlieg13-Apr-12 3:21
Membercharlieg13-Apr-12 3:21 
GeneralRe: Why MSDN? Pin
kevinbrydon13-Apr-12 4:33
Memberkevinbrydon13-Apr-12 4:33 
GeneralRe: Why MSDN? Pin
andrew458213-Apr-12 4:01
Memberandrew458213-Apr-12 4:01 
GeneralRe: Why MSDN? Pin
SeattleC++13-Apr-12 7:10
MemberSeattleC++13-Apr-12 7:10 
GeneralRe: Why MSDN? Pin
RC Roeder13-Apr-12 7:44
MemberRC Roeder13-Apr-12 7:44 
GeneralRe: Why MSDN? Pin
ClockMeister13-Apr-12 17:40
professionalClockMeister13-Apr-12 17:40 
GeneralRe: Why MSDN? Pin
Septimus Hedgehog13-Apr-12 23:26
MemberSeptimus Hedgehog13-Apr-12 23:26 
GeneralRe: Why MSDN? Pin
ClockMeister14-Apr-12 5:14
professionalClockMeister14-Apr-12 5:14 
GeneralRe: Why MSDN? Pin
Jim McCool16-Apr-12 7:54
MemberJim McCool16-Apr-12 7:54 
GeneralMusic and Coding Pin
HomeGrownFreshness11-Apr-12 15:44
MemberHomeGrownFreshness11-Apr-12 15:44 
GeneralRe: Music and Coding Pin
gavindon11-Apr-12 15:50
Membergavindon11-Apr-12 15:50 
GeneralRe: Music and Coding Pin
Member 419459311-Apr-12 15:54
MemberMember 419459311-Apr-12 15:54 
GeneralRe: Music and Coding Pin
HomeGrownFreshness11-Apr-12 16:15
MemberHomeGrownFreshness11-Apr-12 16:15 

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