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GeneralRe: 327 today Pin
Dalek Dave20-Mar-12 13:59
professionalDalek Dave20-Mar-12 13:59 
GeneralRe: 327 today Pin
User 5924120-Mar-12 14:09
MemberUser 5924120-Mar-12 14:09 
GeneralRe: 327 today Pin
Peter_in_278020-Mar-12 14:06
professionalPeter_in_278020-Mar-12 14:06 
GeneralRe: 327 today Pin
User 5924120-Mar-12 14:21
MemberUser 5924120-Mar-12 14:21 
GeneralRe: 327 today Pin
Mike Hankey20-Mar-12 14:15
professionalMike Hankey20-Mar-12 14:15 
GeneralRe: 327 today Pin
BillWoodruff20-Mar-12 14:34
mveBillWoodruff20-Mar-12 14:34 
GeneralRe: 327 today Pin
Peter_in_278020-Mar-12 14:44
professionalPeter_in_278020-Mar-12 14:44 
GeneralRe: 327 today Pin
BillWoodruff20-Mar-12 17:24
mveBillWoodruff20-Mar-12 17:24 
Hi Peter,

GEB was a "star in my firmament" for years. I have not yet read Penrose's book you cite, but very much look forward to it.

May I suggest that these books are as illuminating, in their own ways, as GEB:

Language, Linguistics: Dr. Steven Pinker "The Language Instinct," "The Stuff of Thought"

Neuro-science and human cognition, and social and emotional behavior: Daniel Goleman "Emotional Intelligence," "Social Intelligence"

Human evolution with focus on the Y chromosome and male sexuality : Dr. Steve Jones "Y: the Descent of Man."

Human evolution with focus on the unique status of the female human primate, as the only of 250 or so primates out of 4000 mammals that suffers a monthly blood loss of a magnitude that potentially could cause iron-deficiency (particularly in ancient times when infestation with internal parasites often resulted in loss of iron in the blood), this loss of iron compounded during both pregnancy and nursing of babies. And compounded by the loss of ability to process iron efficiently from plant sources as the human gut shortened, as we evolved from vegans to meat-eating predators.

Dr. Leonard Shlain: "Time, Sex, and Power." Shlain is a former laparascopic surgeon, and polymath, and in this book he develops some remarkable hypotheses regarding human evolution and male-female bonding which ... whether you agree with, or are very dubious about, his hypotheses ... I believe you will be "knocked over" by the factoids, and scientific observations they are based on.

best, Bill
"Every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003". Eric Schmidt of Google.

GeneralTruants Day Pin
Dalek Dave20-Mar-12 13:05
professionalDalek Dave20-Mar-12 13:05 
GeneralRe: Truants Day Pin
RC_Sebastien_C20-Mar-12 13:38
MemberRC_Sebastien_C20-Mar-12 13:38 
JokeCar crash Pin
Espen Harlinn20-Mar-12 11:50
professionalEspen Harlinn20-Mar-12 11:50 
GeneralRe: Car crash Pin
Mike Hankey20-Mar-12 11:52
professionalMike Hankey20-Mar-12 11:52 
GeneralRe: Car crash Pin
Espen Harlinn20-Mar-12 12:08
professionalEspen Harlinn20-Mar-12 12:08 
GeneralRe: Car crash Pin
Mike Hankey20-Mar-12 12:57
professionalMike Hankey20-Mar-12 12:57 
GeneralRe: Car crash Pin
Espen Harlinn20-Mar-12 13:19
professionalEspen Harlinn20-Mar-12 13:19 
GeneralRe: Car crash Pin
RC_Sebastien_C20-Mar-12 13:52
MemberRC_Sebastien_C20-Mar-12 13:52 
GeneralRe: Car crash Pin
Espen Harlinn20-Mar-12 23:02
professionalEspen Harlinn20-Mar-12 23:02 
GeneralRe: Car crash Pin
RC_Sebastien_C20-Mar-12 12:54
MemberRC_Sebastien_C20-Mar-12 12:54 
GeneralRe: Car crash Pin
ZurdoDev20-Mar-12 16:30
professionalZurdoDev20-Mar-12 16:30 
GeneralWebsite Design Pin
Roger Wright20-Mar-12 11:46
professionalRoger Wright20-Mar-12 11:46 
GeneralRe: Website Design Pin
Pete O'Hanlon20-Mar-12 11:51
mvaPete O'Hanlon20-Mar-12 11:51 
GeneralRe: Website Design Pin
wizardzz20-Mar-12 12:05
Memberwizardzz20-Mar-12 12:05 
GeneralRe: Website Design Pin
walterhevedeich20-Mar-12 17:28
professionalwalterhevedeich20-Mar-12 17:28 
GeneralRe: Website Design Pin
Mike Hankey20-Mar-12 11:55
professionalMike Hankey20-Mar-12 11:55 
GeneralRe: Website Design Pin
Espen Harlinn20-Mar-12 12:00
professionalEspen Harlinn20-Mar-12 12:00 

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