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GeneralRe: 327 today Pin
RC_Sebastien_C20-Mar-12 13:32
MemberRC_Sebastien_C20-Mar-12 13:32 
GeneralRe: 327 today Pin
User 5924120-Mar-12 13:55
MemberUser 5924120-Mar-12 13:55 
GeneralRe: 327 today Pin
Dalek Dave20-Mar-12 13:59
professionalDalek Dave20-Mar-12 13:59 
GeneralRe: 327 today Pin
User 5924120-Mar-12 14:09
MemberUser 5924120-Mar-12 14:09 
GeneralRe: 327 today Pin
Peter_in_278020-Mar-12 14:06
professionalPeter_in_278020-Mar-12 14:06 
GeneralRe: 327 today Pin
User 5924120-Mar-12 14:21
MemberUser 5924120-Mar-12 14:21 
GeneralRe: 327 today Pin
Mike Hankey20-Mar-12 14:15
professionalMike Hankey20-Mar-12 14:15 
GeneralRe: 327 today Pin
BillWoodruff20-Mar-12 14:34
mveBillWoodruff20-Mar-12 14:34 
Delightful, Peter,

Perhaps we could add to his coding cred:

Mastery of recursion, as in "The Art of the Fugue"[^]:

"Bach was also well known for his use of various self-referential word and number games within his pieces. For example, the last subject of the final fugue of the Art of the Fugue has as its four-note theme BACH (in old style German notation "B" stood for b-flat and "H" for b natural). Bach used the BACH theme in other pieces as well. Among his favorite numbers were 14 (=BACH with B=2, A=1, C=3, H=8) and 41 (=JS BACH -in old German notation, as in Latin, "I" and "J" were the same letter)."

The article linked to above contains some interesting debate on whether the "golden ratio" (aka "phi," "golden mean," "golden section," aka "divine proportion"), was used consciously by Bach.

from "Godel Escher Bach," by Douglas R. Hofstadter:

"The book opens with the story of Bach's Musical Offering. Bach made an impromptu visit to King Frederick the Great of Prussia, and was requested to improvise upon a theme presented by the King. His improvisations formed the basis of that great work, The Musical Offering, and its story form a theme upon which I "improvise" throughout the book, thus making a sort of "Metamusical Offering". Self-reference and the interplay between different levels in Bach are discussed: this leads to a discussion of parallel ideas in Escher's drawings and then Gödel’s Theorem. A brief presentation of the history of logic and paradoxes is given as background for Gödel’s Theorem. This leads to mechanical reasoning and computers, and the debate about whether Artificial Intelligence is possible. I close with an explanation of the origins of the book-particularly the why and wherefore of the Dialogues."

best, Bill
"Every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003". Eric Schmidt of Google.

GeneralRe: 327 today Pin
Peter_in_278020-Mar-12 14:44
professionalPeter_in_278020-Mar-12 14:44 
GeneralRe: 327 today Pin
BillWoodruff20-Mar-12 17:24
mveBillWoodruff20-Mar-12 17:24 
GeneralTruants Day Pin
Dalek Dave20-Mar-12 13:05
professionalDalek Dave20-Mar-12 13:05 
GeneralRe: Truants Day Pin
RC_Sebastien_C20-Mar-12 13:38
MemberRC_Sebastien_C20-Mar-12 13:38 
JokeCar crash Pin
Espen Harlinn20-Mar-12 11:50
professionalEspen Harlinn20-Mar-12 11:50 
GeneralRe: Car crash Pin
Mike Hankey20-Mar-12 11:52
professionalMike Hankey20-Mar-12 11:52 
GeneralRe: Car crash Pin
Espen Harlinn20-Mar-12 12:08
professionalEspen Harlinn20-Mar-12 12:08 
GeneralRe: Car crash Pin
Mike Hankey20-Mar-12 12:57
professionalMike Hankey20-Mar-12 12:57 
GeneralRe: Car crash Pin
Espen Harlinn20-Mar-12 13:19
professionalEspen Harlinn20-Mar-12 13:19 
GeneralRe: Car crash Pin
RC_Sebastien_C20-Mar-12 13:52
MemberRC_Sebastien_C20-Mar-12 13:52 
GeneralRe: Car crash Pin
Espen Harlinn20-Mar-12 23:02
professionalEspen Harlinn20-Mar-12 23:02 
GeneralRe: Car crash Pin
RC_Sebastien_C20-Mar-12 12:54
MemberRC_Sebastien_C20-Mar-12 12:54 
GeneralRe: Car crash Pin
ZurdoDev20-Mar-12 16:30
professionalZurdoDev20-Mar-12 16:30 
GeneralWebsite Design Pin
Roger Wright20-Mar-12 11:46
professionalRoger Wright20-Mar-12 11:46 
GeneralRe: Website Design Pin
Pete O'Hanlon20-Mar-12 11:51
mvaPete O'Hanlon20-Mar-12 11:51 
GeneralRe: Website Design Pin
wizardzz20-Mar-12 12:05
Memberwizardzz20-Mar-12 12:05 
GeneralRe: Website Design Pin
walterhevedeich20-Mar-12 17:28
professionalwalterhevedeich20-Mar-12 17:28 

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