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GeneralRe: SPAM on CP? Pin
Mustafa Ismail Mustafa24-Apr-10 8:48
MemberMustafa Ismail Mustafa24-Apr-10 8:48 
GeneralRe: SPAM on CP? Pin
MidwestLimey24-Apr-10 9:20
professionalMidwestLimey24-Apr-10 9:20 
AnswerRe: SPAM on CP? Pin
Trollslayer24-Apr-10 5:28
mentorTrollslayer24-Apr-10 5:28 
GeneralDramatic picture Pin
Marc Clifton24-Apr-10 1:43
mvaMarc Clifton24-Apr-10 1:43 
GeneralRe: Dramatic picture Pin
harold aptroot24-Apr-10 1:53
Memberharold aptroot24-Apr-10 1:53 
GeneralRe: Dramatic picture Pin
LloydA11124-Apr-10 2:02
MemberLloydA11124-Apr-10 2:02 
GeneralRe: Dramatic picture Pin
Abhinav S24-Apr-10 2:06
MemberAbhinav S24-Apr-10 2:06 
GeneralRe: Dramatic picture Pin
OriginalGriff24-Apr-10 2:27
mveOriginalGriff24-Apr-10 2:27 
And when you think that (with the exception of the engines) the basic design is 2500 year old (cf "Trispastos" and "Pentaspastos") it makes you feel a little humble, really! It does me, anyway. Big Grin | :-D
You should never use standby on an elephant. It always crashes when you lift the ears. - Mark Wallace

C/C++ (I dont see a huge difference between them, and the 'benefits' of C++ are questionable, who needs inheritance when you have copy and paste) - fat_boy

GeneralRe: Dramatic picture Pin
MidwestLimey24-Apr-10 5:23
professionalMidwestLimey24-Apr-10 5:23 
GeneralRe: Dramatic picture Pin
Joe Woodbury24-Apr-10 10:42
professionalJoe Woodbury24-Apr-10 10:42 
GeneralRe: Dramatic picture Pin
Marc Clifton24-Apr-10 2:36
mvaMarc Clifton24-Apr-10 2:36 
GeneralRe: Dramatic picture Pin
LloydA11124-Apr-10 2:43
MemberLloydA11124-Apr-10 2:43 
JokeRe: Dramatic picture Pin
Douglas Troy24-Apr-10 6:29
MemberDouglas Troy24-Apr-10 6:29 
GeneralRe: Dramatic picture Pin
Dalek Dave24-Apr-10 2:22
professionalDalek Dave24-Apr-10 2:22 
GeneralRe: Dramatic picture Pin
Marc Clifton24-Apr-10 2:34
mvaMarc Clifton24-Apr-10 2:34 
GeneralRe: Dramatic picture Pin
Gary R. Wheeler25-Apr-10 1:17
MemberGary R. Wheeler25-Apr-10 1:17 
GeneralA weapon of Mass Impersonation? Pin
Trollslayer24-Apr-10 0:01
mentorTrollslayer24-Apr-10 0:01 
GeneralRe: A weapon of Mass Impersonation? Pin
Abhinav S24-Apr-10 0:19
MemberAbhinav S24-Apr-10 0:19 
GeneralSheer brilliance Pin
Ravi Bhavnani23-Apr-10 15:29
professionalRavi Bhavnani23-Apr-10 15:29 
GeneralRe: Sheer brilliance Pin
AspDotNetDev23-Apr-10 15:48
protectorAspDotNetDev23-Apr-10 15:48 
GeneralRe: Sheer brilliance Pin
Ravi Bhavnani23-Apr-10 16:17
professionalRavi Bhavnani23-Apr-10 16:17 
GeneralRe: Sheer brilliance Pin
Luc Pattyn23-Apr-10 16:47
sitebuilderLuc Pattyn23-Apr-10 16:47 
GeneralRe: Sheer brilliance Pin
RichardM123-Apr-10 16:37
MemberRichardM123-Apr-10 16:37 
GeneralRe: Sheer brilliance Pin
Christian Graus23-Apr-10 18:27
mveChristian Graus23-Apr-10 18:27 
GeneralOne voted ? Pin
Christian Graus23-Apr-10 21:04
mveChristian Graus23-Apr-10 21:04 

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