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Posted 31 May 2005


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IIsAdmin.NET: Create Multiple Web Sites Under Windows XP

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16 Jun 20052 min read
Tool for creating multiple web site definitions under Windows XP.

Sample Image - IIsAdminNet.jpg


As web developers we all know that very rarely do we only get to work on a single site at a time. Many times we find ourselves juggling between web sites. As each site becomes more complex (virtual directories, web site configuration settings, etc.), the task of switching between different sites becomes more time consuming. Now throw in the fact that you can only create a single site under Windows XP Pro, and you have frustration waiting to happen.

Initial Solution

After looking for a bit, we were able to find a solution to the problem called IIS Admin. IIS Admin allowed for multiple site definitions to be created under Windows XP (with only a single site started at a time). At first this seemed like the answer to our prayers. We can create a separate site for each project, all the configuration changes would be saved with that site, and to switch we just start a different site. However, we soon realized IIS Admin came with a few interesting “features” of its own.

Initial Solution Drawbacks

First, the program did not show up in the taskbar. This meant that if the program lost focus it could be difficult to find again with multiple windows open. Second, if you created a site and failed to start it, the next time you opened IIS it would show up as an error. These among some others, proved to become a problem of its own when it came to introducing new developers to the program.

Final Solution

After dealing with explaining the program over and over, we decided to create IIS Admin in C# (hence IIsAdmin.NET was born) and while re-creating it, correct some of the features we found less then desirable. All of the interfacing with IIS is done via the Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI). Although the IIS ADSI provides much more functionality, we decided to keep IIsAdmin.NET’s primary function to creating the web site definition and switching between the active sites. All of the site management such as virtual directory creation can be done via IIS.

Sample screenshot

We also wanted to provide the code so others could pick up where we left off. Feel free to send us any improvements you make to be incorporated into future versions. Most of all enjoy, we hope it makes the task of switching between web projects frustration free.


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About the Authors

Mark Belles
Software Developer (Senior)
United States United States
Senior Application Developer specializing in Windows desktop and network development.

Professional Experience
- B.S. of Computer Science (Graduated 2001 - PSU)
- Senior Application Developer (8+ yrs)
- Microsoft Certified Professional

Primary Interests
- C#, C++, HTML, Javascript
- XML, ASP.NET, Web Services, SOAP, UDDI
- Socket programming and anything network related
- Reflection, Serialization, and Plugin Frameworks
- Owner-drawn controls and GDI+ goodness

Gabe Wishnie
Web Developer
United States United States
.NET Software Developer

- Working towards M.S. Computer Science
- B.S. Computer Science
- B.S. Computer Information Systems
- Minor Mathematics

- Microsoft Certified Application Developer
- Microsoft Certified Professional
- C# ASP.NET Developer (4 years)

Other Interests
- Flash Remoting
- Video Encoding (Windows Media and Flash Video)
- Microsoft Content Management Server

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Comments and Discussions

GeneralThanks Pin
Member 400977116-May-11 3:30
MemberMember 400977116-May-11 3:30 
GeneralAwesome, Thank you! Pin
Terri Ilaria13-Mar-10 3:25
MemberTerri Ilaria13-Mar-10 3:25 
QuestionHow to install license Pin
Abee203314-Aug-09 4:13
MemberAbee203314-Aug-09 4:13 
AnswerRe: How to install license Pin
Mark Belles14-Aug-09 5:08
MemberMark Belles14-Aug-09 5:08 
GeneralThank You Pin
rake361-Oct-08 15:26
Memberrake361-Oct-08 15:26 
GeneralRe: Thank You Pin
pix817530-Mar-09 2:15
Memberpix817530-Mar-09 2:15 
QuestionChange it to web page and How can I run it from server? Pin
usarrow232-Jul-08 18:07
Memberusarrow232-Jul-08 18:07 
AnswerRe: Change it to web page and How can I run it from server? Pin
Mark Belles3-Jul-08 4:38
MemberMark Belles3-Jul-08 4:38 
QuestionIt Says the Zip is Corrupted? Pin
MarkGordon29-Jan-08 8:40
MemberMarkGordon29-Jan-08 8:40 
GeneralThank you Pin
Arkadiy Kuleshov10-Dec-07 3:19
MemberArkadiy Kuleshov10-Dec-07 3:19 
Generaldon't have / want .net ? get the original IIsAdmin program. Pin
marioletto16-Nov-07 16:02
Membermarioletto16-Nov-07 16:02 
GeneralNewbie -- trying to open a new web Pin
jno.2-Aug-07 4:19
Memberjno.2-Aug-07 4:19 
GeneralRe: Newbie -- trying to open a new web Pin
Mark Belles2-Aug-07 5:49
MemberMark Belles2-Aug-07 5:49 
GeneralRe: Newbie -- trying to open a new web Pin
usarrow232-Jul-08 18:17
Memberusarrow232-Jul-08 18:17 
QuestionHow to remove entry? Pin
Lord of Scripts21-Jun-07 3:02
MemberLord of Scripts21-Jun-07 3:02 
GeneralGreat stuff!!! Was looking for something like this for ages! Pin
k-sea1-May-07 13:43
Memberk-sea1-May-07 13:43 
GeneralGetting it to work with ASP.NET 2.0 Pin
Lord of Scripts3-Apr-07 10:08
MemberLord of Scripts3-Apr-07 10:08 
GeneralBrilliant Pin
rtbug2-Apr-07 13:57
Memberrtbug2-Apr-07 13:57 
GeneralYes, yes, yes Pin
bedny2-Apr-07 9:14
Memberbedny2-Apr-07 9:14 
GeneralWhere's the New Version! Pin
expresso100015-Mar-07 17:37
Memberexpresso100015-Mar-07 17:37 
GeneralRe: Where's the New Version! Pin
Gabe Wishnie16-Mar-07 6:40
MemberGabe Wishnie16-Mar-07 6:40 
GeneralRe: Where's the New Version! Pin
Mark Belles16-Mar-07 8:49
MemberMark Belles16-Mar-07 8:49 
GeneralRe: Where's the New Version! Pin
stevece22-May-07 4:13
Memberstevece22-May-07 4:13 
GeneralRe: Where's the New Version! Pin
timgaunt6-Nov-07 23:21
Membertimgaunt6-Nov-07 23:21 
GeneralSuggestions Pin
EblingMis13-Mar-07 3:50
MemberEblingMis13-Mar-07 3:50 

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