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Hi guys,
I'm new in web programming and just want to ask for an opinion. I want to develop a web page and in the home page, I want to display a kind of chart. With nodes connected with arrows and the arrows will be hyperlinked. In a window based application, I understand there are tools like Visual Basic Power Tools in which you can drag and drop shapes like lines and oval or arrows and using there, it is fairly easy to make a chart.

But in a web application, I can't find any tools or anything that can help me draw a chart. Is there any recommendation on some kind of tools or something so that I can draw a chart in a web page? :)

Try this
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nizam15 29-Nov-13 13:27pm    
Thanks for the recommendation. But all of the charts in provided in the library is graph chart. What I have in mind is a really simple flow chart. Nodes connected by arrows. Just to display in my home page and there will be a hyperlink for each arrows.
Debopam Pal 29-Nov-13 13:35pm    
Try the following link, I think it will fulfill your requirement:
ridoy 29-Nov-13 15:01pm    
Include the link to your solution which will complete your answer.
Debopam Pal 29-Nov-13 15:18pm    
Now see. Is it OK?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 29-Nov-13 16:29pm    
You should have mentioned your goal in first place when asking a question.
It looks like you want to have general-purpose graphics, not specifically the kind of charts visualizing mathematical functions, which is one of the most common understanding of the term "chart". In fact, this term is much wider that that, so you should have explained what exactly you need, or just mention more general term "graphics", "vector graphics" or the like.

First of all, I would recommend to use HTML5 Canvas feature:[^].

These days, I think, this is a base approach for the cases when you use just the server and the browser, without Java or Flash technologies, which are the separate topics.

Please see what one can do, this is pretty impressive:[^].

But you can find something more specific to diagramming:[^].

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nizam15 29-Nov-13 17:49pm    
Interesting. Thanks for the suggestion SA! Will sure to try it out. :)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 29-Nov-13 18:22pm    
You are very welcome.

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