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The data to be written is in the form of byte[]. I tried using FileStream, but I am not sure how to access individual sheets and write to it.
BulletVictim 28-Nov-13 0:28am    
This might help you in the right direction
Prasannala 28-Nov-13 1:15am    
select worksheet with index
Excel.Worksheet worksheet=(Excel.Worksheet)workbook.Sheets.get_Item(3);
add data in sheet
Ex: worksheet.Cells[2, 2].Value = "TEXT";
Reshma Babu 6-Dec-13 6:46am    
data is in byte[], cannot add cell wise

1 solution

See this article. You'll get the basic concept.
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Reshma Babu 28-Nov-13 4:50am    
To write data to different worksheets of the same workbook
Debopam Pal 28-Nov-13 4:56am    
Just create new worksheet and add it to the current workbook according to the Article I've already referred you.
Reshma Babu 3-Dec-13 1:50am    
Is there any other way to write directly onto the current active worksheet? (The data to be written is in byte codes) I am using Excel.Application class

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