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i have a stored procedure .....

which executed successfully .

in this i use the concept of temrary table ....

but it don't working when i work through web page gives error ...

pls tell whats the problem in it ...any help pls ...

alter PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_InsertIntoTempPaymentnew]      
@Center_Id int,      
@Data_Inserted_By int,      
@Company_U_Id int      
   SELECT     ClientLoanSubscriptionInfo.Center_Id,ClientLoanSubscriptionInfo.Proposal_ID, ClientLoanSubscriptionInfo.SubGroup_Id, CenterInfo.AssignedStaff, ClientLoanSubscriptionInfo.Client_Id,       
                      SUM(subloan_product.installment_amount + ClientLoanSubscriptionInfo.Principle_Arrear + ClientLoanSubscriptionInfo.Interest_Arrear - ClientLoanSubscriptionInfo.Advance) as TodaysDueAmt      
                       , DayOpenDayCloseInfo.CenterCollectionDate,ClientLoanSubscriptionInfo.Company_U_Id,ClientLoanSubscriptionInfo.AdvancePeriod  
                   into #MYTEMPTABLE
FROM         ClientLoanSubscriptionInfo INNER JOIN      
                      subloan_product ON ClientLoanSubscriptionInfo.SubProduct_id = subloan_product.Subloan_Product_Id INNER JOIN      
                      CenterInfo ON ClientLoanSubscriptionInfo.Center_Id = CenterInfo.Center_Id INNER JOIN      
                      DayOpenDayCloseInfo ON CenterInfo.Center_Id = DayOpenDayCloseInfo.Center_Id      
WHERE     (ClientLoanSubscriptionInfo.Center_Id = @Center_Id) AND (ClientLoanSubscriptionInfo.Loan_Status = 1) AND (DayOpenDayCloseInfo.CollectionByLoanOfficerStatus = 0) AND       
                      (DayOpenDayCloseInfo.DayCloseByAdminStatus = 0)      
GROUP BY ClientLoanSubscriptionInfo.Center_Id, ClientLoanSubscriptionInfo.SubGroup_Id, ClientLoanSubscriptionInfo.Client_Id, subloan_product.installment_amount,       
                      CenterInfo.AssignedStaff, DayOpenDayCloseInfo.CenterCollectionDate,ClientLoanSubscriptionInfo.Company_U_Id ,ClientLoanSubscriptionInfo.Proposal_ID ,ClientLoanSubscriptionInfo.AdvancePeriod     

 update #MYTEMPTABLE set TodaysDueAmt=0 where AdvancePeriod>0 

INSERT INTO [dbo].[TempPaymentShceduleInfo]      
      select [Center_Id],[Proposal_ID],[SubgroupId] , [Staff_Id],[Client_Id],[DefaultInstallmentAmt],
[TodaysDueAmt],[DayOpen],[Company_U_Id] from  #MYTEMPTABLE

UPDATE [dbo].[TempPaymentShceduleInfo]      
      [PaymentAmtCollected] = 0      
      ,[LoanOfficerPaymentStatus] =0      
      ,[DayCloseByAdminStatus] = 0      
      ,[IsMobileData] =0      
      ,[Data_Inserted_By] = 1      
      ,[Date_Of_Insertion] = getdate()      
      ,[IsActive] = 1,CountUpdate=0      
 WHERE IsActive is Null and Center_Id=@Center_Id and Company_U_Id=@Company_U_Id      
Updated 30-Jun-13 23:13pm
bbirajdar 1-Jul-13 5:05am    
It gives error because there is problem with the code.
GDdixit 1-Jul-13 5:22am    
whats the problem ...give some hint ..
GDdixit 1-Jul-13 5:22am    
_Amy 1-Jul-13 6:20am    
What error it is giving?

One possible error I can see is the temp table is not dropped. It is preferable to use table variable.
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GDdixit 1-Jul-13 5:41am    
for which table you say this ...for #MYTEMPTABLE ...
? pls explain ..
ArunRajendra 1-Jul-13 5:52am    
Yes for temp table #MYTEMPTABLE
You should drop the temp table using DROP TABLE statement.

& for temp table you should use #tblname

Drop the table before insert values or immediately execution of SP.
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GDdixit 1-Jul-13 6:17am    
how can i drop the temp table befire inserting data of that table .....?
KuttiSankar 1-Jul-13 6:51am    
you can drop it after your variable declaration
ok thnx to all of you ....i find out my errror actually in the last the column of temp tables that i write , some of them are wrongs due to which it executed successfully on backend but give error and no response according to procedure .... thnx to all
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