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Out of these unit test frameworks:
Boost Test, Google Test, CppUnit, which is the easiest to use?
[no name] 3-Apr-13 6:54am    
The one that is the easiest to use is the one that you find is the easiest to use. What I find easier might not be that same as what you find easier. So, the only person that could possibly answer this question is you.

Between Google and CppUnit, my preference is for CppUnit, which is easiest to configure and least intrusive to the code base (and I use it). From what I see, Google seems to have the best documentation of the 3.

[I haven't used Boost Test.]
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Dan page 3-Apr-13 12:42pm    
Hy Brydon, I will try CppUnit - have some issues building Google test.

I am using Windows XP and Microsoft Visual Studio 10. Can you please tell me
- or maybe provide links - how to install/build/run Cppunit on my machine?

Thank you.
H.Brydon 3-Apr-13 14:00pm    
The official released version 1.12.1 is at . If you use 1.12.2 there is a .msi installer, which you can get with svn. Create a cmd window with VS2010 environment, then:

mkdir workarea
cd workarea
svn co cppunit1122
cd cppunit1122\cppunit
buildvs2010.bat buildmsi

This gives you the installer ("cppunit_1_12_2.msi"). Install it and delete the workarea files.
You better choose the framwork in which you are writing your code.

I would prefer boost because it is a well admired library.
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