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I have downloaded a sample web project to use fingerprint authentication in is the link ),but there is some syntax error(as shown by VS) in the following javascript statement-
function objReader::On_Captured(reader, captureResult)

where objReader is the id of an object tag. Please help i am unable to understand this line.
Actually i dont understant what is use of '::' here
Updated 13-Feb-13 21:07pm
Richard MacCutchan 14-Feb-13 5:10am    
What is the name of the file that contains this code and what is the error you receive?
Himu from Orissa 14-Feb-13 5:28am    
Visual studio says....Expected '('
Himu from Orissa 14-Feb-13 5:29am    
this code is written in the same page inside script tag
[no name] 14-Feb-13 21:32pm    
There is no operator like "::".

1 solution

The '::' is not valid in a JavaScript identifier, so the parser is reading "objReader" and expects it to be followed by "(" - the beginning of a JS parameter list.

I'd expect '::' in C++ code, not JavaScript. This code is valid in neither.

Maybe there is something else in the project that should process this to produce valid JS code? In which case Visual Studio may be unaware of that processing but it may run anyway. This seems unlikely.
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Himu from Orissa 15-Feb-13 1:00am    
i think this function is written as an event of the object tag, but there is some syntactic error
Rob Grainger 15-Feb-13 7:04am    
If I get time I'll download and have a look at the weekend.

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