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I need help to convert an expression Postfix To Infix form in c++ program....
Plz any one help...
Garth J Lancaster 19-Jan-13 4:56am    
What code have you written so far ? - What is the specific nature of your issue ?? - this problem has been solved and solutions posted all over the NET - so why dont you find one, try it, and then post back when you have a specific issue ...

If you really cant find a starting point, check out these

PrafullaVedante 21-Jan-13 3:35am    
Check out for Euler's Tour traversal technique for binary tree .... It may help

First implement the process of converting postfix to infix using your notebook.

After figuring out the method implement with C++, that was how I did as well as all other programmer did
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SajeeshCheviry 19-Jan-13 7:42am    
you are right:-)
Let Me Goggle That For You[^].
However I would suggest yoo to make at least an attempt based just on you theoretical knowledge (did you study the matter, right?).
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string input = ReadInput();
Stack<string> stack;
foreach(string token in GetTokens(input)) {
   if (IsOperator(token)) {
      string a = stack.Pop();
      string b = stack.Pop();
      stack.Push("(" + b + token + a + ")");
   } else {

No error handling shown above, i.e. garbage-in→garbage-out.
Conversion into C++ is left to you as exercise.

Good Luck!
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