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The problem here is about we have to write a program using friend function to overload binary &&(logical AND)

What I have tried:

I tried using logic or bt found difficulty using logical and
Updated 11-Apr-21 0:55am

If I'll send solution then why I'm here to ask u question bcz I didn't able to solve
Logical AND is simple:
X && Y is true if and only if A and B are both true. In all other cases it is false.

Overloading it is trivial: Types of Operator Overloading in C++ - GeeksforGeeks[^] just read the article, and learn what it says.
Then read your exact homework question again carefully, and it should be pretty simple to do.

Give it a try - this is the easy stuff!
Although this is OK as an exercise, overloading operator&& in real code is a bad idea. Say we have this:

if(f() && g()) {...}

The C++ standard says that if f() returns false, g() is not invoked (known as lazy evaluation). However, an overload of operator&& cannot duplicate this behavior. So if g() has side effects, the behavior will differ from what would otherwise have been the case.

It's the same with operator||: if the first expression is true, the second one isn't evaluated.

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