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I'm currently working on a free software (donationware) that I would like to share with the world. I hope to complete the work within a month or two.

Any suggestions/experience on how to reach out to the big masses (build a strong user-base), how to stress-test the solution, and how to get feedback related to issues and new features?

What I have tried:

I plan to release the software on my future website and register it on various download sites. I would highly appreciate (creative) suggestions on how to spread the word.
Updated 18-Mar-21 4:04am
Nelek 18-Mar-21 9:08am
I have given you a choice and let your message through the spam filter, because I think it is an interesting question that can get some interesting answers...

but I would like you to edit the question and delete the link to your web since it can be taken as site driving and that's not allowed and could end with your account being baned

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This is such a wide and open question that might return tons of different opinions and suggestions, quite an interesting question though.

I google'd "how to launch new software and it returned as many pages. The below I found to be interesting -

Just Because You Build It Doesn't Mean They'll Come: 5 Steps to Launching Software Services Successfully
Software Service Offerings are "Real" Products.
Step 1: Complete a Soft Launch. ...
Step 2: Build a Communications Plan. ...
Step 3: Train Everybody. ...
Step 4: Secure Buy-in From the Sales Team. ...
Step 5: Execute with Precision.

More info can be found HERE on the subject.
BillWoodruff 18-Mar-21 11:00am
+5 to counteract an unwarranted vote of #1
Andre Oosthuizen 18-Mar-21 11:03am
Thank you Bill!
ulfemsoy 18-Mar-21 11:19am
The question was mainly related to where/how to get attention for a new free (Windows) application that has no marketing budget. A communication plan is useful if you have known channels for communication. I'm also considering to spread the word on relevant technical Forums, Facebook-, Instagram, Tumblr-, Twitter-, LinkedIn and Pinterest posts, etc. Youtube (training) movies might also be a good approach. However, there is a large risk of being banned for promoting a free software (spam). All of these channels are also dependent on my own network. For mobile device Apps (iOS/Android) there seem to be more promotion channels. Have anyone of you any practical experience in publishing a freeware/donationware/shareware?

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