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Hey guys i need your help.

How do i convert date in this format mm/dd/yyyy to yyyy-mm-dd in sql server

Thanks for your help
Updated 2-Apr-20 2:05am
Richard MacCutchan 7-Nov-13 11:48am    
Don't store dates as strings in your database. Use proper DateTime types to store as absolute values.[^]

This explains the different numbers you can use to create various formats; however, you may want to rethink doing date formatting in SQL. I would recommend doing the formatting in whatever program you are doing.
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Select CAST('2013-10-08' as date)
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Select Format(Convert(date,ColumnName),'yyyy-mm-dd') from Table_Name
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Richard Deeming 2-Apr-20 8:42am    
The Format function was introduced in SQL Server 2016, which was released almost three years after this question was posted.

And as already mentioned, this is a UI concern, not a database concern. Formatting should not be done in the database.
Simply you should convert your format into date data-type using the CONVERT(). Following is an example of the same.

Select convert(date,getdate())
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Richard Deeming 2-Apr-20 8:43am    
This is essentially the same as solution 2, which was posted back in 2013.
ishan_shah 3-Apr-20 1:27am    
Yes but just a little difference in the function used by both of us. He/She has used CAST() and I am using CONVERT().

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