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My Program has been running stable for some time now but today when running a test unrelated to coding I started getting a stackoverflow error
... It seems to require lot's of cycles for it to happen - < 1500 - this is something that during production "never" happens therefore I've never noticed ..

Question: The stackoverflow shows up at a different line of code EVERY time - doesn't seem to be related to the actual code displayed

The error seems to happen in the mscorlib.dll no further indication what might caused it :-(

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 23-Oct-12 22:39pm    
Can you reproduce the exception under debugger? What do you mean "code displayed"? Displayed by... what?
Georg Kohler 23-Oct-12 23:40pm    
I'm actually running in in the debugger ..- when the exception occurs some line get's highlighted (light green ..) but the debugger always highlights a different line ...with now further indication of what caused the issue ???

Couldn't it be a memory leak?

Typically when you have problems to happen after a while... you have problems in loops or in freeing memory...

Check if the memory usage of your computer grows after some time of having your application started.

PS: If your thread is using the mscorlib.dll it would be a good idea to see if that library can be used in a multi thread environment, some of the DLLs that I use to control machines can't cope well with multithread environments...

Good luck...
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Georg Kohler 24-Oct-12 12:51pm    
I believe it's related to a thread that I constantly stop and restart - actually I ended up Killing it at times with the abort command ...(not what you should be doing ... I know :-) ... but somehow that was the only way I was able to make it work "properly" until now ....
There isn't enough information to tell you anything usefull. We have no idea what you're code is doing, so it's impossible to tell you where to look.

Since this seems to be happening anywhere in your code, there isn't going to be an obvious place to look. That would suggest that you're doing something that appears to work but is technically wrong, causing Windows to do something in the background that's wrong.
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