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for programming web what language programming or languages is better?
Zoltán Zörgő 13-Sep-12 15:06pm    
You have accepted the answer that confirmed your own idea of taking the easier way. This is not a good practice. And it is a wrong thought, that any language is good for any task, only because it is easier for you to understand. That's only true if you want to solve programming puzzles, not in the real world. You have to think about development time, project lifecycle and so on. The learning curve of any tool, is a short term part only :(

With AS.NET (classic or MVC) you have the full power of the framework behind you. And of course, really high-end object-oriented architecture with C# (and other .net enabled languages[^]). But there are few site hosting providers, who support Of course you can make your own virtual or phísical server also, but you have to prepare yourself for really expensive windows server and at least IIS licenses. You can also use Azure[^] for that. This has a longer learning path.

With PHP it is an other scenario. Most of the providers use open source tools, thus the service you buy will be cheaper. But even with full-blown php 5 you will experience serious limitations from provider side - thus for a business application you will have to upgrade from simple site hosting. PHP itself is easy to learn, but if you want to have a maintainable and scalable application, you will have follow some rules by yourself, nothing will really guide you.

And there are several other possibilities, like Ruby, Python or Perl, and their support is also widespread.

Finally: there is none better in general. But there might be one more suitable for a specific task. If you are a newbie, I would start learning html4, css2, javascript (jquery), html5, css3, basic database usage (mysql and mssql). Than think about what you want to do with web programming in general. If you will develop business application for companies, ASP.NET and MVC and C# would be the next steps. If you want to make websites, PHP could be more suitable.

You should also read this articles:[^],[^]

I hope I have helped you.
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Steve Maier 13-Sep-12 14:19pm    
I will have to disagree with you that they are few site hosting providers that support ASP.NET. I could name a few dozen if you would like. I have had my sites hosted on many different ASP.NET hosting companies and each has good and bad things with it, but you can't say there are only a few that support it. They might not be in the price range you are looking for, but that is a different topic all together.

Azure is actually not a bad choice since you can get up to 10 website for free from them right now. And you don't need to code them as Azure compute instances. If you also look at it at the site you will see that they support java, php, node.js, aas well as .NET. Azure websites is a feature that they added this summer:
Zoltán Zörgő 13-Sep-12 14:27pm    
"Few" in this sense means considerably less than the ones supporting php. There is also a difference between countries. Not everyone lives in the USA :) In my country for example I would say 1 of 10 are hosting But it is only a matter of money and legal stuff to go and host outside your own country.
[no name] 13-Sep-12 15:28pm    
what you'r think that hosting php is many or is many?
Zoltán Zörgő 13-Sep-12 15:34pm    
How much it costs? It really depends on what you want: what database server, how many storage, and so on. I can not guess. And I don't know where (geographically) you want/can buy hosting service, so I would suggest to google for it. The first google results for example gave me 4USD/month for ASP.NET and 2USD/month for PHP - with quite the same parameters.
Which programming language is best?

If you ask the answer of this question from me, in simple words I'll say, "The programming language which I understand easily and implement my own ideas(algorithm), that is the best programming language for me".

Although, nothing is so easy, there is no end of learning the things and overall all the programming languages are somewhere interrelated.

Judge your mind first, which language you can understand easily.

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Steve Maier 13-Sep-12 14:20pm    
Well said _Amy. This is the advise I give to many people as well.
_Amy 13-Sep-12 14:21pm    
Thanks Steve. :)
Zoltán Zörgő 13-Sep-12 15:14pm    
I have to disagree (not because you disagreed with my opinion) just because you gave a false confirmation of taking the easiest way. If you know t-sql, you would not start programming web using just t-sql or with batch files or whatever, wouldn't you? My opinion is, that you have to choose the right tool for a task, and learn new tools if necessary. IT and software development is changing really fast. You can be really good in something, but the day will come shortly when your current knowledge will be outdated and outworn.
_Amy 14-Sep-12 0:00am    
"You can be really good in something, but the day will come shortly when your current knowledge will be outdated and outworn."
I agree but see the point in my answer "there is no end of learning". I am not advising anyone to be a back-end developer if they want to develop front-end.
joe vim 13-Nov-12 11:34am    
I am joe and i think programming language creates an easy interface between your daily life and computer. Leonardo-hlc is one of that language, which is introduced newly to programming environment. You should try it from here
Programming language does matter but not a lot. C#,, PHP, Java, HTML , jQuery are all good each with its one pros and cons. In addition to a decent programming language what matters most is the better brain to work on the keyboard.
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Depends on what you are trying to do, I'm a big fan of HTML, CSS and PHP personally, but again it very much depends on what you are coding?
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ShotDriller 13-Sep-12 13:48pm    
Try leonardo-hlc.

this is a new programming language and it is easy to learn and it will help you in mobile application development.[^]
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