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I have a project where i need to extract text and images from PDF pages and build a documentation database.
I am able to do it using, ikvm and pdfbox. However i still cannot get the x, y position of the text and images i am extracting.

Any solutions right there (other than going full Java - i am not a Java developer:-)?

Here is the piece of code i am using to extract images (adapting some examples from pdfbox documentation). Problem is that ImageX and ImageY are always returning 0. Other properties for the image (Heigh and Width) are correctly set.

Private PDF As PDDocument = Nothing
Private PDFPage As PDPage = Nothing
Private PDFPageResources As PDResources = Nothing
Private PDFPageStream As COSStream = Nothing

Private PDFDocumentPages As java.util.ArrayList = Nothing
Private ImageItem As PDXObjectImage = Nothing
Private ImageMap As java.util.Map = Nothing
Private ImageMapIterator As java.util.Iterator = Nothing

Dim PDFEngine = New PDFStreamEngine

 PDFDocumentPages = PDF.getDocumentCatalog.getAllPages()
 PDFPage = PDFDocumentPages.get(0)
 PDFEngine.processStream(PDFPage, PDFPage.findResources, PDFPage.getContents.getStream)

 ImageMap = PDFPage.getResources.getImages()
 If ImageMap IsNot Nothing Then
     Dim ImageNumber As Integer = 1
     ImageMapIterator = ImageMap.keySet.iterator
     While ImageMapIterator.hasNext()

         Dim key As String
         key = CType(, String)
         ImageItem = ImageMap.get(key)

         Dim CTM As org.apache.pdfbox.util.Matrix
         CTM = PDFEngine.getGraphicsState.getCurrentTransformationMatrix()

         Dim rotationInRadians As Double = (PDFPage.findRotation * Math.PI) / 180
         Dim rotation As New java.awt.geom.AffineTransform

         Dim rotationInverse As java.awt.geom.AffineTransform = rotation.createInverse
         Dim rotationInverseMatrix As New org.apache.pdfbox.util.Matrix

         Dim rotationMatrix As New org.apache.pdfbox.util.Matrix

         Dim unrotatedCTM As org.apache.pdfbox.util.Matrix = CTM.multiply(rotationInverseMatrix)
         Dim xScale As Single = unrotatedCTM.getXScale()
         Dim yScale As Single = unrotatedCTM.getYScale()

         Dim ImageX As Single = unrotatedCTM.getXPosition()
         Dim imageY As Single = unrotatedCTM.getYPosition()
         Dim ImageH As Single = yScale / 100.0F * ImageItem.getHeight()
         Dim ImageW As Single = xScale / 100.0F * ImageItem.getWidth()

...... code to save the image, etc

         ImageNumber += 1
     End While
 End If

1 solution

Here is an article to do this job. Please go through that:[^]

Hope this will help you.
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Patrick PAL 13-Jul-12 11:19am    
Indeed this might help, thanks.
I downloaded the sdk and will check it over the week-end.
Of course, I would rather go for an open source solution, but if we have to....
Sumit Rastogi SRA 3-Mar-14 1:28am    
Hello Amit,

Thanks for your reply but I can't use paid library if you know any library which is open source then it would really help me.

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