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Hi All,
One developer used :

for building msbuild. my question is why he used 2003? if i run on win 2008 r2 then
i need to change it 2008?

any suggestion or answer is appreciated.

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 11-Jul-12 11:54am    
Please start your question from the very beginning. Used for what, where? (Yes, I can guess, but why?)
[no name] 11-Jul-12 11:59am    
This make very little sense.

"One developer used"... only one used?
"for building msbuild"... I seriously doubt that.
A little searching goes a long way,
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 11-Jul-12 12:15pm    
I can guess what's the confusion, please see my answer.
khosnur 11-Jul-12 12:07pm    
everything is good i am just curious that why it is /2003? is it meaning that it will run on only 2003 not 2008?

[Irrelevant code removed, for the save of readability -- SA]
[no name] 11-Jul-12 12:10pm    
Did you bother reading the documentation? The xmlns attribute must have the value of "",

1 solution

Do you know what is the XML namespace schema? The URI you show is a namespace URI for the MSBuild project file format, which has nothing to do with the version of MSBuild.
Learn a bit about the schema and the namespace and think by yourself: what would happen if the new namespace would be required each time people upgraded the software?

No, developers are not such idiots. The MSBuild schema provides some provisions for extension, and the namespace is designed to be the save pretty much forever, at least for the time the whole technology of build exists and is being developed. The year you can see in the namespace URI is the year when the schema was released. Why would you think it should become obsolete? And the evolution of the schema and to tools is reflected in the attribute ToolsVersion and the elements ProductVersion and SchemaVersion. See some valid project files to get an idea how it looks.

See also:[^],[^],[^].

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