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I have a database file employee.mdf and sql server express only.

What are the credentials i have to use for ConnectionInfo class and i do not have user id and password

My connection string is:
ConnectionString: "Data Source= .\\SQLExpress; AttachDbFilename=E:\\employee_Data.mdf; Database=employee;  Trusted_Connection=Yes;connectionInfo.IntegratedSecurity = true;";

And for logon to the database the below code is in the report class:

connectionInfo.ServerName = @".\SQLEXPRESS";
connectionInfo.DatabaseName =  @"E:\employee_Data.mdf";

But when run the report it is asking the user id and password!
I've deployed my project(Sql express and all prerequirements) with a setup and i can't create a user in sqlexpress in the deploym time.

Please help me.

1 solution

Try doing this in your code while creating report:
myCrystalReprot.SetDatabaseLogon("myUsername", "myPassword");

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B.Farivar 8-Jul-12 11:44am    
There is no username and password!
Sandeep Mewara 9-Jul-12 14:07pm    
Then pass empty strings to log on. Just try.

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