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Hi All,

I have copied .mdf and .ldf files of database in bin/debug folder of my application and used the connection string as follows

Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;AttachDbFilename=|DataDirectory|\MyDatabase.mdf;Integrated Security=True;User Instance=True
where MyDatabase=database name
application runs fine but i am getting new error while running and after creating set up file.I copied .mdf file and .ldf file in set up project and also in bin/release folder and then total application runs fine but now i am getting error in crystal report asking for user name and passwords.

Please suggest me for the same.

Thanks in Advance.

My code is:

public void Refreshreport()
   //I've added the report file (BalanceCrystalReport.rpt)to my project, 
   //and create an instance of the file. 
   var report = new BalanceCrystalReport();

   foreach (ReportDocument doc in report.Subreports)
           foreach (Table table in doc.Database.Tables)

           doc.SetDatabaseLogon("", "",".\\SQLEXPRESS", "MyDatabase");
   crystalReportViewer.ReportSource = report;

public virtual TableLogOnInfo MyTableLogOnInfo
      if(myTableLogOnInfo == null)
          myTableLogOnInfo = new TableLogOnInfo();

          myTableLogOnInfo.ConnectionInfo.ServerName = ".\\SQLEXPRESS";
          myTableLogOnInfo.ConnectionInfo.DatabaseName = "MyDatabase";
          myTableLogOnInfo.ConnectionInfo.UserID = "";
          myTableLogOnInfo.ConnectionInfo.Password = "";
          myTableLogOnInfo.ConnectionInfo.IntegratedSecurity = true;
      return myTableLogOnInfo;
Updated 6-Jul-12 3:07am

1 solution

try to add username and password in your connection string
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B.Farivar 6-Jul-12 9:01am    
I want have to connect with windows authentication.
MAU787 6-Jul-12 14:22pm    
then you create guest as a user in sql server management studio and give him all rights...
it will solve the problem
B.Farivar 7-Jul-12 12:13pm    
I deploy my project(with Sql Express and all prerequirements) with a setup file witch created with VS2008 and i can't create a user in deploym time.

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