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Hi All,

My site is developped by MVC 3.0 framework back end Oracle 11g is running.when i uploaded that site on windows server 2003 which has IIS 6.0 and 32 bit, the site running good.

But when i upload that site on windows server 2008 R2 whis has IIS 7.0 and 64 bit but its not running. I manuaaly configured the application pool 32 bit true.

stil i am getting the same error : "HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error.

The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred".

Can any body help me its very urgent.
Thanks in advance.

E.F. Nijboer 3-Jul-12 9:41am    
Did you configure iis 7 classic mode (compatible with iis 6)?

1 solution

You are going to need to do some more digging, since a 500 error is a generic "something is broken" error, so we can't learn anything very useful from it. However, I can get you started in the right direction. First, check to be sure MVC3 is installed on the server. Unless you are bin deploying MVC3 (which is possible), you need to install it on the IIS server (it doesn't come standard). While you are doing that, verify that your application pool is using .NET 4.0 (required for MVC3). If you do make any changes, make sure you restart the IIS server and reload the application pool.

If checking these doesn't fix your issue, start simple: put an index.htm file in your website directory to be sure you can load something. If that doesn't work, your IIS configuration is messed up. Next, create a new MVC3 application and deploy it to your directory (move your production files out temporarily - you want to use the same directory so you can be sure that you compare things properly). In your new MVC3 application, don't hook up any data source. Just get it set up with a small set of dummy data loaded from the application itself. Just enough to do typical MVC "stuff" - list data, edit one data item, etc. This will just demonstrate that MVC3 is working properly. Deploy it to your directory. If it doesn't work, you know MVC3 is the issue. If it does work, you know your issue is with your application itself. Look to see if you still have access to your database server from the new server (maybe the firewall is blocking it, etc.) Also, look to see if you are missing any folders or paths that the original application had access to (maybe javascript files, css files, etc.)

If all of that fails, try installing Elmah (use NuGet to find it and install it) on your MVC application. That should show you any unhandled exceptions. You may also need to check the IIS log files to track down other potential issues.
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khosnur 3-Jul-12 10:00am    
Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for your kind reply.I Installed .net framework 4.0 and MVC3.
My Application pool using 4.0 framework i the server machine.And many times i restarted IIS.

But its not working.

Thanks and Regards,
Tim Corey 3-Jul-12 10:08am    
It sounds like you've made it through the first paragraph of my advice. Have you tried the steps listed in paragraph two and three?
khosnur 3-Jul-12 10:15am    
thanks again to reply. yeah i am trying to do that. thanks corey for ur kindness
khosnur 3-Jul-12 11:15am    
Dear Corey,
My site running on 2003 server quite fine. Nothing is messed up but why its not running on win 2008 r2?

Any idea will be appreciated.

Tim Corey 3-Jul-12 11:18am    
I specified things you can try in my answer. Walk through my answer and do the work needed to diagnose the problem. This isn't something I can say for certain. You need to do the work to discover the true error. Read through paragraphs 2 and 3 and do those steps. Update your question above with the results of those steps. That will go a long way towards solving your issue.

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